As part of our social mission, all our stories are open and accessible to all when first published. Partner-funded content remains open-access, while our other stories go behind a paywall after one month, as part of the Pioneers Post Impact Library. As a subscriber, you can access this huge library of knowledge, insight and good practice from two decades of coverage of social enterprise and impact investment around the world (while supporting us as a social enterprise ourselves). 


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As a social enterprise, we want to share our stories as widely as possible. But quality journalism doesn’t come for free – and we need your support to maintain our sustainability as a social enterprise. Some of our revenue comes from partnerships, training and events, but we also rely on subscriptions. What we ask subscribers is slightly unusual, however, in that it is not simply transactional (ie you pay us to access stories that will help you increase your knowledge and understanding of social enterprise). Instead, we have a ‘freemium’ model:

a) Like many websites that are free to view, we nevertheless ask readers to consider subscribing, to help fund our independent, open-access journalism, supporting the value we create for them and for the wider impact economy. 

b) Like many other media platforms, we also have a paywall, behind which subscribers can view additional content – we call this area our Impact Library. We are building this Impact Library as a key resource for the impact economy.

c) In addition, we run a ‘Robin Hood’ policy with our subscriptions: we charge more to those who can afford it and offer discounts to those less able to pay (with pricing based on turnover).

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