• The Ashoka Systems Changers #1: Alasdair Harris

    “If we just backed off a little bit, everybody would have more.” Founder of Blue Ventures Alasdair Harris explains why conservation makes good business sense for the millions of people living in coastal communities around the world.

  • Big Society Network's failure down to broken promises

    Former CEO of the Big Society Network Paul Twivy has blamed the intiative's failure on a "series of broken promises" made by government in an interview on BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

  • Not fit for purpose: why I'm done with the foundation world

    The way in which foundations are run must radically change argues CEO of The Social Investment Consultancy Jake Hayman, who has had it with the foundations that "turn social leaders into perpetual beggars".

  • Next UK government must link money to social outcomes and early action

    Big Society Capital's Matt Robinson calls for the next UK government to conduct a social outcomes based spending review in 2015 to help make taxpayers' money go further and reduce health inequality throughout the country.

  • UK bank for social impact set to hit £100m lending target

    Unity Trust Bank is on track to hit its three-year lending target of £100m by the end of 2015, according to its new Social Impact report, and aims "to become the go to bank for the civil society" in the UK.

  • Social impact measurement: playing the role of Philosopher and Detective

    Social impact is about more than numbers and words on a page – it’s about asking big questions and finding answers, writes Dave Masom in his exploration of social impact measurement.