• The A-Z Podcasts #1: Sometimes you've just gotta put doubt on your back and charge!

    Just realised four years of your life could go down the drain? About to tell all staff you are cutting their pay? Meet Helen Trevaskis and Maff Potts, interviewed by Liam Black as he explores The Social Entrepreneur's A-Z chapter one: A is for Anxiety.

  • We need good organisations, not just good products

    Lessons learned from a microfinance enterprise in Cambodia show that to deliver maximum social impact, social enterprises must move beyond a focus on only delivering good products.

  • A is for Anxiety: Worry is part of creation, don't let it paralyse you

    "Brilliantly frank and frankly brilliant!" – the verdict of one reviewer on The Social Entrepreneur's A-Z. If you've ever woken up in the early hours worrying about your business, you'll appreciate chapter one of Liam Black's superb new book.

  • Top 5 socially conscious fashion brands to look out for

    From cashmere sweaters made out of discarded textiles to the first gold wedding bands sourced from socially and environmentally approved mines, here's our pick of responsible fashion brands to coincide with London Fashion Week. 

  • Order your copy of The Social Entrepreneur's A-Z here

    The Social Entrepreneur's A-Z is the brilliant new book from Liam Black, with a foreword by Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus.

Tokyo, Japan

Global social innovation round-up #05

New York City-based investment giant Blackrock launches new impact investing initiative, flagship UK social bond fund celebrates a successful first anniversary, and major Japanese clothing retailer pledges social responsibility reform.