• Social Enterprise World Forum tackles tricky subject of money

    Social enterprises need to be sure their investors are in it for the right reasons and "for profit" social enterprises can be wonderful. Day two of the Social Enterprise World Forum in Milan.

  • Global leaders throw down the gauntlet to social entrepreneurs

    Government ministers from Taiwan, Ghana and Scotland set out what they believe are the greatest challenges facing the social enterprise sector and challenge social entrepreneurs to turn the most pressing social problems into opportunities at the 2015 SEWF.

  • Social enterprise voices loud and proud in Milan

    The 2015 Social Enterprise World Forum has kicked off in style at the World EXPO in Milan. On the agenda – how to develop a stronger social enterprise eco-system, engaging young people with social entrepreneurship and impact investing.


  • Social enterprise at #SEWF2015: 'how it should be'

    Social enterprises in Milan continue to surprise, both with the social problems they are tackling and the ingenious forms of innovation they are using to do it.

  • Impact investment can't become the tail that wags the dog

    When it comes to impact investment, we’re at risk of getting too obsessed with the means, rather than the end, warns CEO of Social Enterprise UK and chair of the Social Enterprise World Forum Peter Holbrook CBE.