Good Deals 13: What does the brave new world of social investment look like?

As Good Deals 13 kicks off, and over 300 delegates gather in London to explore the world of social investment, key figures from across the social innovation space, the private sector and government depict the brave new world of social investment. 

What does this brave new world mean for social innovators? Is it new? Is it brave? And what promise does it hold? Pioneers Post TV finds out.



Social enterprise and international development

The phrase may be found at the end of a letter to USAID from February 2008, calling on their support for social enterprise in international development.

"Welcome to our brave new world. Except it’s not so new: learn to love and respect each other first, especially the weakest, most defenseless, most voiceless among us, then figure out the rest. There aren’t other more important things to do first. This message has been around for at least two thousand years. How difficult is it for us to understand?"

Written 6 months before the economic crisis it also said: 

"What Ms. Fore is describing has been central to P-CED’s main message, advocacy and activity for a decade. That, and helping establish an alternative form of capitalism, where profits and/or aid money are put to use in investment vehicles with the singular purpose of helping the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people."

The letter which was aptly titled 'Genesis' may be read in full