• Blue forests are under threat. A quiet revolution could save them

    Mangroves are among the world’s most valuable ecosystems. In Madagascar, Blue Ventures has worked with coastal communities to tend these long-overlooked ‘blue forests’. Will carbon capture be the breakthrough that halts their decline?

  • WISE100 awards for top Women in Social Enterprise open for nominations

    Your chance to nominate the UK's leading women in social enterprise and impact investing – with four awards to be announced at our WISE100 celebration. Nominate by midnight on Sunday 31 October!

  • SOCAP 2021: ‘Something’s wrong’ with impact investing, warns Cathy Clark

    Pioneering researcher argues need for higher expectations of impact investing, as global problems are worsening despite growing investment, while TIIP’s Monique Aiken bets on innovation and says we shouldn’t do things like it’s 2019.

  • Mission is not yet accomplished, warns Ben Carpenter at Social Value Matters 2021

    More governments, institutions and businesses now recognise the need to account for impact on people and planet, but this is no time for complacency, says Social Value International CEO Ben Carpenter, opening the 2021 event.

  • Strategic alignment can be risky – but 'impact integrity' is possible

    The strategic alignment between a corporate social investor and its related company can mean greater social impact. But a close relationship can also jeopardise the ‘impact integrity’ of corporate social investors, as new research by EVPA shows.

  • The Impact Library: exclusive access for our subscribers

    Especially for our subscribers – find out how you can access our huge library of content available in the Pioneers Post Impact Library, including knowledge, insight and good practice from two decades of coverage of social enterprise and impact investment around the world.