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  • ‘Odds stacked against it’: Traidcraft, the UK’s pioneering fairtrade enterprise to close

    After more than 40 years, the social enterprise ceases trading leaving ‘significant debts’, job losses and a continuing hope for transformation of an unjust global trading system.

  • ‘Huge’ demand for Growth Impact Fund with 90% of applications from diverse founders

    UK equity and racial justice fund attracts hundreds of leaders and founders from underrepresented backgrounds – debunking fears that there would be insufficient demand from diverse leaders, fund manager says.

  • Opinion: Emerging and diverse fund managers outperform – here are five reasons why

    Investing in an emerging manager means taking a bet on someone with less obvious track record. But there may be good reasons to invest – not least because a first- or second-time fund manager is likely also from an underrepresented background.

  • The secret to sustainability: why assurance means better decisions

    Assurance and audit might not get your heart racing – but they’re at the very heart of how profit-making firms can contribute to sustainability. Our columnist Jeremy Nicholls on why it’s time to fall in love with the nuts and bolts of business. 

  • Davos 2023: Philanthropy for climate, social innovator awards, and inequality reality check

    Social innovators were celebrated and corporates committed to work with social enterprises – but as the rich and powerful gathered in Davos, Oxfam shared a dark picture of rising inequality and called for a wealth tax. 

  • Six global hotspots for social impact in 2023

    Where are the most exciting places for impact investment and social enterprise in 2023? A selection of experts reveal the ones to watch.