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  • The unexpected evangelist: Bill Clark, father of benefit corporation law

    A fateful encounter 10 years ago led to a whole new way of doing business. We meet the US lawyer who helped drive it – and find that he’s ready to shake things up again.

  • Teaching social enterprise: Scotland leads the way

    Should social enterprise be on every school curriculum? It will be in Scotland by 2028. We find out what pupils and teachers think about a groundbreaking programme led by the Social Enterprise Academy and the Scottish government. 

  • Three elephants in the impact investing room

    For all the potential benefits of impact investing, major questions are still to be resolved. A round-up of thoughts from industry insiders across Europe – plus a handful of solutions.

  • UK government floats 10% weighting for social value in contracts

    Minister Oliver Dowden puts more flesh on the bones of government intentions to create social value with procurement at SEUK summit.

  • Malaysia: profit proves problematic

    The latest research into social enterprise in Malaysia describes some familiar pros and cons for social entrepreneurs. A lack of awareness about social enterprise means making money and doing good makes for uncomfortable conversations.

  • South east Asia’s social entrepreneurs should be “free to innovate"

    Participants at the ASEAN+3 Conference on Social Enterprises this week debated whether legislation could help or hinder early-stage social enterprise movements.

  • Coalition demands landmark ruling on £63bn of charity investments for public benefit

    Should charities ensure their investments support their goals and duty to provide public benefit? Should they invest in companies that contribute to climate change that may undermine these goals?

Day in the Life: Ben Gleisner

The CEO and co-founder of CoGo, a platform that connects ethical businesses with consumers, juggles time zones and bedtime stories while leading a start-up the second time round.