News and Views

  • Brussels Briefing: A huge opportunity to strengthen social economy ecosystems

    What's happening inside the Brussels bubble when it comes to the social economy? Euclid Network policy lead Toby Gazeley deciphers the latest news from the EU capital and tells us what to look out for next.

  • Opinion: Innovations for disaster resilience exist – now we must help them scale up

    Crisis response and preparedness has come a long way – but to manage future disasters, we need to support a marketplace for tried-and-tested innovations – and to learn from experience in countries like India.

  • Philippe Zaouati: 'We need a new narrative – or we are going to the wall'

    The Mirova founder and “sustainable finance activist” interviews philosophers and writes novels alongside running a company. He tells us why it's all connected – and why “strange animals” like Mirova are still needed amid concerns for the future.

  • Opinion: We've been providing enterprise grants – and the early results are compelling

    Traditional funding is often too restricted and can encourage dependence. Grants that focus on boosting traded income can help social enterprises to grow on their own terms and become more sustainable.

  • Climate-focused blended finance deals plummet by 55% in 2022 – Convergence

    Latest State of Blended Finance report from Convergence reveals massive drops in blended finance deal volume last year.