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  • Taking stock: Are impact investors really ready to take on the world's 'intersecting crises'?

    SOCAP Virtual: To make real progress on today's meatiest problems, impact investors themselves may need to make uncomfortable changes. Some insiders, at least, are not convinced they’re willing to do so.

  • ‘Government must lead again’ – US Impact Investing Alliance

    SOCAP Virtual: Previously the message to government was: step aside and let us get on with it. Now advocates of impact investing want Washington to step up – regardless of who’s in the White House.

  • Purpose above profit? UK business leaders call for more government support

    UK business leaders are split on primacy of profit or purpose. But many want government-led incentives to help them take a more responsible approach to capitalism.

  • Four ways to help impact investing go mainstream

    Bringing more capital to impact is crucial now, and there are four steps the impact investing community can take to make it happen, says the founder and president of Spain's Social Nest Foundation. 

  • Big Issue-led ethical investment platform opens to public

    The Big Exchange, co-founded by The Big Issue and a coalition of industry partners, allows UK residents to become impact investors with £25 a month – and has plans to reduce that minimum investment to just £3.

  • UK’s social startup rate confounds expectations in gruelling year for business

    One in seven existing community interest companies was founded since March 2020. But their financial sustainability remains unclear, as does the true extent of pandemic-forced permanent closures – and some fear the worst is yet to come.