Business School

  • Singlify, an all-in-one management system for social investors

    INNOVATION FOCUS: The Connect Fund announced its very first equity investment last month. What's the product that won them over?

  • “If your story's good, other people will tell it for you”

    A successful social business needs a strong brand to win trust from customers and supporters. Insights from the award-winning Philosophy Foundation.

  • Telling stories that matter

    In the run-up to Good Stories on 26 February – a day of marketing and communications workshops for social enterprises – we share some top tips for storytelling for social enterprises. 

Nathanael Molle portrait

Day in the Life: Nathanaël Molle

Pioneers Post meets the co-founder of Waya, which uses AI to improve access to information for refugees, and formerly of Singa, which connects refugees with their host communities.

Migrateful chef

Migrateful: Recipes rebuilding lives

Migrateful brings together refugee, migrant and asylum-seekers and London foodies looking for new experiences. What are the next steps towards a sustainable business model?