Business School

  • Mind the gap! Five ways to accelerate investing for impact

    Investing for impact, where the primary goal is social impact, looks set to grow far more slowly than demand for such finance – unless we make some major changes. Chris West identifies five opportunities to tackle the mismatch.

  • Everything and therefore nothing: why we must reject the ‘impact’ investors adding nothing new

    It’s time to set the boundaries of impact investing and say 'arrivederci' to those who are failing to support genuinely new solutions to pressing social issues, argues Italy’s leading venture philanthropy pioneer.

  • Why social entrepreneurs are getting real about mental health

    Mental health struggles are affecting our social entrepreneurs – and the issue's a global one. At Good Deals + Beyond Good Business, we hear from entrepreneurs from across the world about attitudes towards mental health. Is the tide finally turning?

  • How can we solve the equity investment puzzle?

    Equity investment in UK social enterprises is rare. But a 100-year-old trust set up by a chocolate entrepreneur appears to have made a breakthrough that could be a model for others to follow.

  • The HR health check: An essential checklist for any growing social enterprise

    Hiring your first employee? Or managing a team – and realise you haven’t taken time yet to put sound HR processes in place? Consult our checklist to get up to speed.