Business School

  • Impact Decoded: 'Invest and Strengthen has become our motto’

    Providing non-financial support is core to investing for impact. But what does that mean in practice, and how much help can a small investment team realistically offer? The head of UK social investor Resonance takes us behind the scenes.

  • Coworking businesses face decline – but can being ‘ethical’ help?

    In a new podcast, Ethical Property's Conrad Peberdy tells Pioneers Post about the rise of two-way due diligence, why he's optimistic about the ethical workspace industry, and why he remains as picky as ever about future investors.

  • Covid-19: Social impact funding you might miss – 2 July update

    Deadline days: don't miss out on the latest emergency grants, loans and other funding sources for social entrepreneurs around the world. 

  • “It’s like running an A+E department” – Henry Jones

    Covid-19 disruptions have increased demand for many social businesses. In his new podcast, Peace, Love & Profit, Liam Black asks the CEO of mental health platform Big White Wall about leading the business through a period of rapid growth. 

  • Reassess your values – with the help of Gordon Ramsay

    Covid-19 restrictions could be the chance you never knew you needed to overhaul all those niggling issues in the ‘restaurant’ of your life. Katherine Burnard presents the Kitchen Nightmare episode that asks tough questions about your values.

  • ‘Real Madrid’s Marcelo Vieira da Silva financed our first 100 sinks’ - Ana Paula Rios, Pias do Bem

    A Rio de Janeiro engineer – whose speedily-designed portable sinks allow workers and homeless people to wash their hands – on raising eyebrows as an all-female construction team and the 'rollercoaster of emotions' under Covid-19.