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  • Pioneers Post Business School: How to do good business, better

    The tools and insight you need to do good business, better. Get expert advice, practical insight and frontline examples on key business management topics from our network of social business practitioners and advisors. 

  • ‘We wiped out the last 20 years of development’ – Harish Hande, SELCO Foundation

    How do you fight India’s deadly wave of Covid-19 cases – and the widespread poverty expected in its wake? By doubling down on decentralised energy, says Harish Hande – speaking to Pioneers Post from a Bangalore ‘war room’.

  • The plastic fishing pros making a splash in Amsterdam – and far beyond

    STREETS OF AMSTERDAM: Entrepreneur Marius Smit was among the first to convince corporations to pay for the pleasure of picking up trash. Ten years on, his social enterprise Plastic Whale is making waves worldwide. 

  • Survival skill no. 3: Creativity

    Creativity is key to success – and anyone can be creative if they take the right approach. Explore our practical guide for social entrepreneurs, which includes six key strategies and an exercise to download.

  • The Impact Library: exclusive access for our subscribers

    Especially for our subscribers only – find out how you can access our huge library of content available in the Pioneers Post Impact Library, including knowledge, insight and good practice from two decades of coverage of social enterprise and impact investment around the world.

  • How to: transform your sales and boost your impact

    Learning how to sell is a challenge most social entrepreneurs don’t anticipate. Read this exclusive extract from Dr Roy Whitten and Scott Roy's new book Sell Well, Do Good. PLUS: Get a free copy of the e-book.