Business School

  • How to recover after losing a major contract

    What do you do when commissioning decisions leave a big hole in your finances? Laurie Russell of the Wise Group recently offered some advice to fellow social enterprise leaders.

  • Fit for purpose: becoming a sustainable social venture

    Is your organisation experiencing growing pains? Here, Peter Walter, a trustee of charity OutdoorLads, plays doctor to diagnose treatments for business challenges you might be experiencing.

  • Social Business Trust offers free business advice for scaling up

    The organisation works with only a select number of social enterprises. To spread the love, they have put together a guide that shares what they have learned from scaling social enterprises over the last six years.


Make time for real learning and development

In seeking meaningful work, top talent is more interested in working in the social impact sector than ever before. To capitalise on this, organisations must understand what such candidates value.