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  • Face your fears, and other storytelling tips

    How can social entrepreneurs get their story heard? Top tips – and personal reflections – from best-selling author, serial entrepreneur and co-founder of youth marketing agency Livity, Sam Conniff.

  • Stop being busy – and start being productive

    Ever feel like all you do is tell people how busy you are? Four ways to focus on being productive, not busy.

  • To market your social enterprise, stop talking about your product

    Switching from product-led to consumer-led marketing is helping GLL – one of the UK’s largest social enterprises – to reconnect its brand with younger customers.

  • What a sofa outside a pub has to teach us about good governance

    Social sector leaders can learn much from the difficult – and sometimes unexpected – conversations, writes Bob Thust, in his latest column on good governance.

  • Guilty of ‘show up and throw up’ selling? Use stories instead

    Very few people think of storytelling when they talk to prospective customers – but they can be powerful way to clinch a deal. The sales experts at Whitten & Roy Partnership explain why.

Dot Project founders Annie and Cat

Start-ups: Learning to be brave and bold

Starting a business based on your own passions can be highly personal – making every criticism feel like a punch in the stomach. The co-founder of Dot Project shares a warts-and-all account of the company's first two 'rollercoaster' years.