Business School

  • Hiring staff with convictions: Where should you start?

    Expanding your recruitment pool to include ex-offenders can bring multiple benefits, but getting started can be daunting. Top tips from a charity with ten years’ experience of placing women with convictions in secure jobs.

  • How we made it: The Resonance funds providing 800 homes for people in need

    Social impact investment firm, Resonance, won our Investment award for ‘Good Deal of the Decade’ for its groundbreaking partnership with St Mungo’s and others to create the Homelessness Property Funds. Find out how they made it in our new film.

  • Investors for impact as risk-takers: defining feature, or distant aspiration?

    Social investors and venture philanthropists agree that taking risks should be core to the DNA of those investing for impact – but are they clear about who’s shouldering those risks?

  • No men allowed: How useful are women’s-only business networks?

    Do we still need to keep men out sometimes to help women progress in (social) business? Pioneers Post put the question to our guests at last month’s WISE100 dinner – and the jury’s still out.

  • Why scaling doesn't (always) mean growing your social enterprise

    Changing the world means scaling impact, not increasing the number of enterprises or even growing your own reach. Spring Impact’s Joe Kallarackal shares strategies for smarter thinking about scale.

  • The investee who changed me: “Grameen Shakti was a total eye-opener”

    The Berlin-based co-founder of Yunus Social Business on a lightbulb moment in Bangladesh that showed how social enterprises can adapt their business models to the needs of the poorest.