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  • Lessons from an unpredictable future

    It’s not enough for social entrepreneurs to be opportunistic, you need to be systematic. Esmee Wilcox explains how Futures practice might help.

  • The challenges of building a social enterprise supply chain

    Celia Hodson and her daughters have just launched Hey Girls, a “buy one give one” social enterprise to tackle period poverty. Doing business for good, they believe, means buying from other social enterprises and ethical suppliers.

  • Five reasons why mindfulness is an ideal tool for social entrepreneurs

    The self-awareness practices of mindfulness enable social entrepreneurs to lead with inspiration, develop more effective relationships and design more innovative solutions, says Gretchen Ki Steidle.

Hydrologic Cambodia village sales conversations

Three top sales tips for social enterprises

Using the wrong sales techniques can make buying and selling a miserable experience – even if you have a life-changing product. Scott Roy gives his three top tips for social enterprises to get their products to the right people.