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  • Covid-19: Social impact funding you might miss – 3 June update

    Deadline days: don't miss out on the latest emergency grants, loans and other funding sources for social entrepreneurs around the world. 

  • Thought for the Week: Three leadership mantras to help navigate through crisis

    Mastering three important attitudes – passion, dispassion and compassion – can help leaders make sound decisions during tough times, while managing their own mental health along the way.

  • 'This has taught me that we're not alone' - Roshan Miranda, Waste Ventures India

    The founder and CEO of a social enterprise in Hyderabad, India, on surviving a dramatic drop in business, finding ways to look after every employee – and waiting for the “storm to pass”. 

  • First aid tips for the workplace: How to look after your team in times of stress

    Putting employees’ wellbeing at the front and centre is essential to the survival of any social enterprise, writes Mental Health First Aid England CEO – and there are few simple ways to put that into action during lockdown.

  • The nation's mental health faces new challenges. Can social enterprise step in?

    What does it take to grow a social business in the field of mental health? As the world grapples to understand the impact of Covid-19 on people's long-term wellbeing, three seasoned social entrepreneurs share their tips.