• Lifting all boats with a rising tide: venture philanthropy in Asia

    The Asian Venture Philanthropy Network covers all of the Asia-Pacific region – nearly 3 billion people. What are the common social problems being tackled by this form of social finance?

  • New boss of Triodos bank is environmentalist Bevis Watts

    The ethical bank, which aims to make money work for positive social, environmental and cultural change, has enticed Dr Bevis Watts, former CEO of the Avon Wildlife Trust, to return in a new role.

  • Are you doing it? And if not, why not?

    A wide ranging survey aimed at uncovering attitudes and current practice of impact measurement is being launched. The consortium behind it is hoping the results will benefit all social ventures.

Venture philanthropy

The impact of venture philanthropy

Ever since we looked at venture philanthropy (VP) in issue three of Pioneers Post Quarterly, supporters and critics have contacted us. Here, the chair of the European Venture Philanthropy Association makes the case for.

Responsible 100_responsible tax

Are we entering the responsible tax era?

The outrage that has greeted the paltry amount of tax that Google, Starbucks et al pay has only served to further damage public trust of big corporates. But they can do something about it, writes Michael Solomon of Responsible 100.

Social entrepreneurship_Asia

Supporting social entrepreneurship in Asia

At a meeting of several organisations that support social entrepreneurs in Hong Kong last month it emerged that funding and human capital are the biggest challenges they face. Krisztina Tora of the Global Social Entrepreneurship Network reports.