• Prototyping the future: how next-generation enterprises are unlocking solutions to the polycrisis

    Bias toward capital is so deeply embedded in business thinking that few question its legitimacy. But next-generation enterprises are starting to shift the playing field.

  • ‘Untapped potential’: billions held in corporate purses could be unlocked for impact, says Impact Europe

    More companies should get into impact investing, urges Impact Europe, but many are still scratching their heads about where to start. A new guide offers pointers to the benefits and the how tos.

  • Tributes to David LePage highlight his wisdom, leadership and commitment to social justice

    David LePage, who died in May, helped to shape the global social enterprise movement. Friends and colleagues are mourning his loss.

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Amsterdam social enterprise tour at SEWF 2023

The Editor’s Post: Remembering David LePage

Our editor reflects on meeting David LePage, a true champion of social enterprise, who died in May. Plus we consider the global significance of the EU elections. This week’s view from the Pioneers Post newsroom.


The Impact World this Week: 6 June 2024

The most interesting news snippets from around the world. This week: why deeper investment is needed in our oceans, microcredit funds target growth of ‘socio-bioeconomy’ in Brazil, and a social enterprise radio station launches in Wales.