• Ex-PM Gordon Brown: 'There is no route to the future that does not have social enterprise at its centre'

    Former UK prime minister highlights central role of social enterprises in a successful post-Covid recovery, including job creation – while a current Labour MP raises concerns with today's government Kickstart Scheme.

  • Indigenous leaders offer collective stories of hope through year of crisis

    The ever-rising Covid cases in Brazil tell a tragic tale – but one indigenous community in the Amazon region is reaching an international audience with their own story, while doing their bit to keep the virus at bay.

  • Fighting the ‘Amazonification’ of Christmas: Cockpit Arts supports its independent artists to survive a pandemic festive season

    As online shopping has surged during the pandemic, independent artists have been struggling to make sales. London studio and business incubator Cockpit Arts aims to reconnect makers with buyers with its latest project.

  • Fit for the future: ‘Profit last’ and purpose first in times of crisis

    In our first Fit for the Future podcast in partnership with Buzzacott accountants, we talk to Anna Whitty from transport charity ECT and Natalie Campbell from Belu Water about how they led sustainable businesses through the Covid-19 crisis.

  • ‘We're challenging attitudes that have been ingrained in society for so long’ – Lavinya Stennett, The Black Curriculum

    The entrepreneur on a mission to rewrite the UK’s schoolbooks reflects on 2020’s “seismic moment” – and why the social enterprise sector isn’t always as collaborative as it looks.

  • Big Society Capital and Schroders team up for £100m impact trust launch

    The UK’s social investment wholesaler will initially focus on housing, debt and outcomes funds in a £100m raise for the publicly listed investment trust.