• Asheem Singh: millennials are mobilising for change

    The world of business is shifting: activist and social entrepreneur Asheem Singh sees a new wave of positive change amongst the millennials, in a movement he calls the 'moral marketplace'.

  • Mumbai to Liverpool: India inspires UK social impact odyssey

    Jagriti Yatra is an annual train journey of discovery across India for hundreds of enterprising young people. This summer, a similar project will launch in the UK with the aim of catalysing positive change in the most deprived communities.

  • 100+ social impact bonds raise $400m worldwide since 2010 launch

    The Social Finance Global Network announces there are now 108 social impact bonds in 24 countries worldwide.

Selby Trust London

What might the future hold for community business?

Community businesses boost economies. But do they risk being captured by managers dedicated to empire-building rather than social change? Or will there be an encroachment by private capital? New research aims to find out.