• Why social entrepreneurs are getting real about mental health

    Mental health struggles are affecting our social entrepreneurs – and the issue's a global one. At Good Deals + Beyond Good Business, we hear from entrepreneurs from across the world about attitudes towards mental health. Is the tide finally turning?

  • "After a decade of growth, social enterprise has a platform to take off"

    Scotland is world-renowned for its thriving social enterprise scene, and it’s looking set to retain its top spot. Chris Martin, who joined Social Enterprise Scotland as CEO last December, tells us what to expect.

  • Five insights into how social entrepreneurs learn

    How can social enterprise support organisations help entrepreneurs learn – and what skills do they need most? Five lessons from the School for Social Entrepreneurs.

  • Social enterprise bodies call for European ‘Buy Social’ campaign in list of demands to MEPs

    Representatives from 20 European countries have sent a wishlist to the newly-elected European Parliament, calling for a doubled budget, a new visibility campaign and tighter procurement rules.

  • How can we solve the equity investment puzzle?

    Equity investment in UK social enterprises is rare. But a 100-year-old trust set up by a chocolate entrepreneur appears to have made a breakthrough that could be a model for others to follow.

  • Ladies who lunch: Rachel Holliday

    We squeeze in a sandwich over Skype with WISE100 leader and founder of homelessness venture, Time to Change West Cumbria.