• Crowdfunding campaign launched as disabled Clarity ex-workers left in hardship

    The UK’s social enterprise membership body launched the campaign to support the former social enterprise's employees – who were left in financial difficulty after the company failed to pay them thousands of pounds in wages and redundancy payments.

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    Which will be the most exciting and inspiring countries for social enterprise and impact investment this year? Our conversations with global experts reveal the ones to watch.

  • UK impact investing firm ClearlySo enters administration as role of 'niche' impact investing firms put into question

    One of the UK’s first impact investment specialists, and once describing itself as “Europe’s leading impact investment bank”, ClearlySo went into administration at the end of 2021, owing more than £10m to creditors and shareholders.

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    Especially for our subscribers – find out how you can access our huge library of content available in the Pioneers Post Impact Library, including knowledge, insight and good practice from two decades of coverage of social enterprise and impact investment around the world.

  • Schwab Foundation announces its 2022 Social Innovators of the Year

    Fifteen social innovators join Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship’s community of 400-plus entrepreneurs across the globe.

  • Six social enterprise essentials: Why only common ownership can create system change

    Social enterprise has drifted too far from its roots, says Freer Spreckley. In our exclusive serialisation of his latest book, the social enterprise pioneer sets out six key principles that he believes should define social enterprise. First: common ownership.

Impact 101: What is social prescribing?

Bewildered by buzzwords? Drowning in jargon? We break down the terminology and get back to basics with impact economy concepts. This time, Ingrid Abreu Scherer provides your Impact 101 on ‘social prescribing’.