• ‘You can’t compete your way out of a climate crisis’ – Gavin Fernie-Jones

    MY IMPACT CAREER: In the face of environmental meltdown, we need to build something different, says Gavin Fernie-Jones. His social enterprise and the collective he co-founded are making outdoor sportswear sustainable and accessible.

  • How to champion diversity in your social venture: Talking to stakeholders, learning to trust and not just following trends

    Addressing equality, diversity and inclusion remains challenging for many social enterprises. The latest Social Business Coffee Breaks webinar brought together an expert panel to dive into the challenges and opportunities.

  • Privatise, nationalise, or social enterprise? Is a purpose-led ownership model the way to fix the UK’s water company crisis?

    ANALYSIS: Scotland’s publicly owned water company is filling the country’s water with raw sewage just as fast as England’s privatised system — is social enterprise the answer? 

  • Why the impact world must not ignore Asia: Ten takeaways from AVPN's Global Conference 2024

    Asia is a region of both massive potential – and enormous need. So what role should the global impact community play to address the issues and realise the opportunities? We returned from AVPN's 2024 conference with some key insights.

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    Get unlimited access to the Pioneers Post Impact Library: knowledge, insight and good practice from two decades of coverage of social enterprise and impact investment around the world.

The Impact World this Week: 9 May 2024

The most interesting news snippets from around the world. This week: blended finance deals rebound after 10-year low, why philanthropy must adopt futures thinking, and a frothy campaign from social enterprise Hubbub.