• Resilient Scotland launches £10k loans to ease cashflow

    Resilient Scotland revealed more support for its investees at a symposium in Glasgow. And a Scottish cabinet minister revealed which types of investment the government is most keen on.

  • OurCityLove makes Taiwanese cities more user friendly

    The Taiwanese social enterprise OurCityLove produce websites and apps that are allowing differently-abled citizens – and the governments, NGOs, and businesses who serve them – to thrive. 

  • Local community tackles the housing crisis in Leeds

    House prices seem out of control and not building enough properties in the UK over several years has made the problem worse. In Leeds, the community has decided to do something about it.

leadership meeting

Learning to lead

Are you an aspiring chief executive? Matt Townsend says leadership is no great mystery. Take every opportunity to learn from people around you – and practise your skills.