• What the UK impact economy can expect from Labour’s new government

    During the recent UK general election campaign, social economy leaders have stressed how, and why, any new government should partner with the impact sector to deliver on their pledges. Now that Labour is at the helm, what can we expect from them?

  • SE100 2024: Top 100 UK social enterprises revealed

    The breadth and depth of social enterprise activity across the UK is being celebrated today with the launch of this year’s NatWest SE100 – the list of the UK’s top 100 social businesses.

  • Can social entrepreneurs help pave the way to peace in Yemen?

    In Yemen, transformative enterprises can help communities overcome conflict and poverty. But with the state in disarray, crumbling infrastructure and hesitant funders, are the challenges facing aspiring social entrepreneurs insurmountable? 

  • Taiwan revealed as location of 2025 Social Enterprise World Forum

    The next in-person SEWF will be hosted by Impact Hub Taipei in Taiwan during October 2025.

  • Good Leaders Podcast Episode 15 – Kirsten Dueck: ‘Here’s what I knew: this was a place where a strong-minded female leader could flourish’

    Kirsten Dueck of NESsT tells Tim West about stepping into the shoes of ‘the godmother of impact investing’, 'retiring' imposter syndrome and how NESsT has supported thousands of social entrepreneurs across very different regions.

  • Why global accounting standards need an urgent gender lens overhaul

    From aircraft safety to finance, we live our lives by standards. But many simply reinforce patriarchy – not least in financial accounting. With developments like AI exacerbating prejudices, there’s an urgent need for change, says Jeremy Nicholls.


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Keir Starmer and Emmanuel Macron at NATO summit

The Editor's Post: A tale of two elections

Both France and the UK have a well-established impact community. While it can easily adapt to political change, it is harder to adapt to political chaos – but the social sector can play a key part to tackle the issues at its roots.