• More UK savers could invest for social impact, review finds

    An independent review argues that the UK stands at a critical point with the potential to develop social investment for the wider public and maintain its position as a world leader in the sector.

  • It’s Social Enterprise Day 2017: #WhoKnew

    "You are not in this alone – you have supporters all over the world." Social Enterprise Day highlights the work of social entrepreneurs around the world. 

  • Life on MaRS: Canada’s Social Finance Forum explores “the next big thing"

    The Canadian government’s forthcoming social finance strategy is exploring setting up a Big Society Capital-style wholesaler. Is social investment about to take off in Canada? David Floyd reports from the tenth annual Social Finance Forum.

where now for impact investment

Almost grown: Where now for impact investment?

Billions of dollars are now invested to create social impact as well as financial return. But with powerful new players such as Goldman Sachs and the Ford Foundation striding into this maturing market, will the sector’s original values be lost?