• What could Brexit mean for social investment?

    Social investors should take a lesson from the Brexit vote, writes Geetha Rabindrakumar of Big Society Capital. We need to ensure the work we do is as inclusive as possible.

  • Need money for your social venture? Try the banks...

    A new report by David Floyd and Dan Gregory has cast doubt on the oft touted claim that social investment finance intermediaries are there because mainstream banks won’t lend.

  • Care organisation's success proves social investment market strength

    The success of employee owned care organisation CASA is not only great news for them, it's a great example of how developed and flourishing the social investment market is, writes Antony Ross of Bridges Ventures.

Collection: The Review
Russell Brand_trew era_social enterprise

The Review: Brand New Era

One year on Russell Brand's social enterprise café continues to symbolise the power of community action. But what's it like as a place to go for a drink and a bite to eat – is it any good?

Charity_change_British Asian Trust

How the charity sector can get better

Post Kids Company and Olive Cooke scandals, public trust in charity is lower than ever. Richard Hawkes, CEO of British Asian Trust issues a rallying call, urging the sector to change in order to survive.