Business School

  • How can we solve the equity investment puzzle?

    Equity investment in UK social enterprises is rare. But a 100-year-old trust set up by a chocolate entrepreneur appears to have made a breakthrough that could be a model for others to follow.

  • The HR health check: An essential checklist for any growing social enterprise

    Hiring your first employee? Or managing a team – and realise you haven’t taken time yet to put sound HR processes in place? Consult our checklist to get up to speed. 

  • How does a social enterprise compete with huge private sector players?

    Both Cafédirect and Greenwich Leisure Limited have shaken up their marketing strategies – in different ways – to keep pace with tough competition. In our latest podcast, we meet the strategists behind these new approaches.

  • Beyond good grades: Evaluating kids’ compassion in Catalonia

    Schools might get great academic results, but are they producing socially responsible young people? Pilar Balet gives an insight into a project being developed by Jesuit schools in Catalonia and the techniques used to measure its impact.

  • How to use present-moment awareness for a productive, positive working day

    Noticing the negative feelings that creep in, and doing something about it, will boost your wellbeing and make you a much more effective member of your team. Here’s a four-step guide to get you there.

  • Social entrepreneurs and mental health: are we being honest enough?

     Modern life is stressful for most of us. But social entrepreneurs face a particular kind of pressure that, in some cases, can have far-reaching effects. Is it time to open up?

  • Five tips for toughing out the challenges of team leadership

    Effective leadership doesn’t just happen – you need to keep working at it. Tips from an ex-Army officer, executive coach and mediator.