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  • Tips on managing through a crisis from the ‘Emergency Room’ doctors of impact

    Since 2012 Open Road Alliance has been stepping in to help when nonprofits and social enterprises hit unexpected roadblocks. We heard their tips on finding your way through uncertainty.

  • Halting human contact: how social enterprises are rethinking their business models during Covid-19

    With more and more people living in lockdown, social enterprises working directly with vulnerable people are having to dramatically rethink how they work. We find out how three of them are adapting to a new situation.

  • 'This moment is making leaders of people' - Alex Smith, The Cares Family

    How do you lead through times of upheaval and huge uncertainty? Alex Smith, founder and CEO of The Cares Family in the UK, on emergency fundraising, facing down imposter syndrome and why long-term priorities remain unchanged.

  • 'We’re settling into the fact that there is no normal' - Mark Simms, P3 Charity

    What's it like leading a social enterprise through a global pandemic? The boss of P3 – which took home the SE100 Resilience Award last year – on digging into cash reserves and adapting to constant change.

  • 'We reconfigured the whole business in three days' - June O'Sullivan, London Early Years Foundation

    What's it like leading a social enterprise through a global pandemic? Nursery chain boss June O'Sullivan on cash flow, careful communication and laying down the law.

  • Why the right investment terms are essential for healthy social ventures

    Investing for impact often requires alternative investment structures, but it's not always easy to understand the options. Toniic's John Berger on revenue-based financing, steward ownership and blended finance – and how the Impact Terms Project can help.