Business School

  • Four mantras for making communications more manageable

    Comms can be non-stressful, and even enjoyable, argues Sophie Hobson – the key is to do less of it. Four mantras based on insights she shared at our Good Stories conference earlier this year.

  • The Guv'nor: Board members, it's time to let go

    We don't just need diverse boards: we need permeable governance, says Bob Thust. The fourth instalment from our columnist.

  • Ladies who lunch: Nicola Steuer, School for Social Entrepreneurs

    Managing director of the School for Social Entrepreneurs – and NatWest WISE100 nominee – Nicola Steuer on changing career, growing a 20-something year-old charity, and how inclusivity is never a job done.

  • Mind the gap! Five ways to accelerate investing for impact

    Investing for impact, where the primary goal is social impact, looks set to grow far more slowly than demand for such finance – unless we make some major changes. Chris West identifies five opportunities to tackle the mismatch.

  • Everything and therefore nothing: why we must reject the ‘impact’ investors adding nothing new

    It’s time to set the boundaries of impact investing and say 'arrivederci' to those who are failing to support genuinely new solutions to pressing social issues, argues Italy’s leading venture philanthropy pioneer.

  • Why social entrepreneurs are getting real about mental health

    Mental health struggles are affecting our social entrepreneurs – and the issue's a global one. At Good Deals + Beyond Good Business, we hear from entrepreneurs from across the world about attitudes towards mental health. Is the tide finally turning?

Collection: The Gathering

Future gazing & future shaping: Impact in the city

There has been much talk about ‘place-based investment’ – what is happening on the ground? With Bristol as the central case study, this session explored how a collaborative approach to investment in places can promote systemic change, and the conditions needed to make this happen.