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  • How to use present-moment awareness for a productive, positive working day

    Noticing the negative feelings that creep in, and doing something about it, will boost your wellbeing and make you a much more effective member of your team. Here’s a four-step guide to get you there.

  • Social entrepreneurs and mental health: are we being honest enough?

     Modern life is stressful for most of us. But social entrepreneurs face a particular kind of pressure that, in some cases, can have far-reaching effects. Is it time to open up?

  • The Impact Doctor: A Day in the Life of Devi Shetty

    Devi Shetty is chairman and founder of Narayana Health, a low-cost hospital network in India that brings high-quality, affordable healthcare to the masses. The 2018 GSG Impact Entrepreneur of the Year talks us through a typical day. 

  • Five tips for toughing out the challenges of team leadership

    Effective leadership doesn’t just happen – you need to keep working at it. Tips from an ex-Army officer, executive coach and mediator.

  • Why convincing corporates to buy social is not a huge challenge

    Fifteen UK companies have now committed to choosing social enterprise suppliers for at least a small portion of their spending. What’s been the impact so far – and what’s next?

  • The impact investment fund that operates as a non-profit

    It’s perfectly possible to be a registered charity while pursuing market-rate financial returns on your investments, argues US-based impact fund, Beyond Capital.

  • Gently disrupting: Charlotte Millar, co-founder of Finance Innovation Lab

    Finance Innovation Lab incubates the people, ideas and movements building an alternative, healthier financial system. We meet co-founder Charlotte Millar – summed up by her WISE100 nominator as both “kind” and “powerful”.

  • Finding the right impact investor for your social enterprise

    You're ready to take on investment. But how will you know when you've found 'the one'? Tips from Rupert Scofield, president and CEO of FINCA International.

Dot Project founders Annie and Cat

Start-ups: Learning to be brave and bold

Starting a business based on your own passions can be highly personal – making every criticism feel like a punch in the stomach. The co-founder of Dot Project shares a warts-and-all account of the company's first two 'rollercoaster' years.