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  • How Renault’s reorganisation could put social impact in the driving seat

    C SUMMIT: The first carmaker to set up its own social entrepreneurship scheme is placing social impact even higher up the firm’s agenda. But some fear corporates more generally will continue to put the brakes on, despite this year's crisis.

  • Work hard to work together: how the transition to a circular economy needs active collaboration

    C SUMMIT: Organisations need to collaborate to build a circular economy – but putting in the time and effort, shared ambition and navigating the 'machinery of government' are all important if they want to be successful.

  • Danone: how a clear corporate-wide mission bears fruit for its social impact

    C SUMMIT: As EVPA releases a new guide on Collective Corporate Impact Strategies, the director of Danone Communities, a venture capital fund for social businesses, explains how “business for good is core to Danone’s DNA”.

  • Exclusive interview: ‘Let’s shoot for the stars, then we'll find the resources to get there’ - EVPA boss Roberta Bosurgi

    Collaboration is hard, something Roberta Bosurgi knows first-hand. As EVPA's new CEO, she’s now tasked with convincing others to overcome egos and join forces for more impact. We meet the former Novartis director ahead of this week's C Summit.

  • Impact Finance Bulletin: Scottish National Investment Bank launches

    PLUS: Blue Impact Fund first of its kind in UK; Germany's EIF-backed social innovation fund; Bain Capital raises $800m for second impact investing fund; Los Angeles' Everytable raises $16m in Series B round; and more.

  • Ex-PM Gordon Brown: 'There is no route to the future that does not have social enterprise at its centre'

    Former UK prime minister highlights central role of social enterprises in a successful post-Covid recovery, including job creation – while a current Labour MP raises concerns with today's government Kickstart Scheme.