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  • Social value in 2020: Five key milestones you need to know

    From game-changing SDG standards to better integration with environmental value, the CEO of Social Value UK and Social Value International summarises some of the year's most important milestones in social impact management.

  • ‘100% impact’ venture philanthropist chooses The Hague for first Europe base

    US-based Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation chiefs say Brexit was a key factor in deciding on their first Europe base – as it prepares to ‘double down’ on its international portfolio.

  • UK impact investment worth £5bn as ‘non-bank’ lending soars, reports Big Society Capital

    Alternatives to traditional bank lending have scaled 20-fold to £3,388m from £169m in just eight years, with property funds and non-bank lending on the up, reveals annual market update from the UK’s impact investing wholesaler.

  • Big Society Capital CEO: 'I’m proud of our review performance – but it raised some important issues'

    Three months after the first-ever major review of Big Society Capital's work, the interim CEO says the priorities now are communicating better, influencing government and addressing a culture that can be off-putting to outsiders.

  • Taking stock: Are impact investors really ready to take on the world's 'intersecting crises'?

    SOCAP Virtual: To make real progress on today's meatiest problems, impact investors themselves may need to make uncomfortable changes. Some insiders, at least, are not convinced they’re willing to do so.