• 'This has taught me that we're not alone' - Roshan Miranda, Waste Ventures India

    The founder and CEO of a social enterprise in Hyderabad, India, on surviving a dramatic drop in business, finding ways to look after every employee – and waiting for the “storm to pass”. 

  • Newly launched social enterprise alliance calls on Australian PM for 'National Impact Fund'

    Seven social enterprise networks join forces in a new national alliance for Australia – and call for a 10-year action plan to build resilience, jobs, impact investment and a common vision in the aftermath of Covid-19 and devastating bushfires.

  • This year's top ten: 2020’s NatWest SE100 Social Business Award Winners

    This year's NatWest SE100 Social Business Champions prove that even in tough times the best social ventures find ways to stay resilient and to innovate.

  • Why we're flying the flag for a stricter EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive

    An EU law on how large companies report sustainability information is up for review, with a public consultation closing on 11 June. To have a real impact, the legislation needs much clearer requirements, argues law firm Frank Bold.

  • Can social enterprise fix Pakistan’s waste problem?

    Rubbish piles up at the side of streets and clogs drains in Pakistan’s big cities. The government isn’t doing much about it, but is the scale of the problem too big for social enterprise to tackle? Our Young Storymaker Asad Pabani expores.

  • The risk of leaving farmer vulnerability undetected: How remote surveys can measure changes in poverty

    Poor farmers face fluctuating income year-round, but remote data-gathering tools don't usually pick up these seasonal changes. Lean Data specialist 60 Decibels may have a solution.

  • Thought for the Week: Take a break from multitasking

    The current disruptions to how we work can make it tempting to juggle multiple tasks at once, while work and home life blend ever closer together. This week, pause for a moment and give your brain a breather.