• Big Society Capital asks Westminster for emergency cash injection

    UK social investors have asked the government to contribute to a multimillion pound liquidity fund, while voluntary sector representatives warn charities face a £4.3bn funding shortfall over the next 12 weeks.

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    Brave and creative initiatives have been launched by social enterprises in recent weeks. Here are seven to make you smile. 

  • SOS! Social enterprises call on the crowd to save them from collapse

    Social enterprise bosses are turning to their supporters and customers as they make urgent appeals for cash to help tide over their businesses during the coronavirus pandemic.

  • 'We’re settling into the fact that there is no normal' - Mark Simms, P3 Charity

    What's it like leading a social enterprise through a global pandemic? The boss of P3 – which took home the SE100 Resilience Award last year – on digging into cash reserves and adapting to constant change.

  • 'We reconfigured the whole business in three days' - June O'Sullivan, London Early Years Foundation

    What's it like leading a social enterprise through a global pandemic? Nursery chain boss June O'Sullivan on cash flow, careful communication and laying down the law.

  • The hip hop DJ helping lower crime and boost entrepreneurship in São Paulo’s suburbs

    Our DICE Young Storymaker reports from Brazil on a cultural centre that’s supporting local businesses, engaging vulnerable youth and helping transform what was once the world’s most dangerous neighbourhood.

  • Foundations can throw nonprofits a lifeline through Covid-19 – by using their balance sheets

    Nonprofits urgently need two- to five-year bridge financing right now – but foundations could step in by pledging some of their assets as collateral. Mark Kramer, co-founder and managing director of FSG, calls for bold leadership.