• Opinion: Impact investing needs more transparency – before it becomes the next big scandal

    Good impact measurement processes supposedly ensure an investment will achieve the desired outcome. But is that the case? New research from NPC suggests we simply don't know – and that's a real problem.

  • Australia’s Western Sydney University wins top spot again for social and environmental impact 2023

    Universities must help create more sustainable economies by not only offering high quality education but also by acting as responsible employers and consumers, say vice-chancellors as Times Higher Education Impact Rankings released.

  • Social Business Profile: Chanja Datti – the Nigerian plastic waste pioneer

    “Waste has value. Our role is to find that value.” So says the female founder of Chanja Datti – which also engages citizens in recycling, helps people access bank accounts, and even gets kids back into school. What are the secrets of its success?

  • Canadian Social Finance Fund launches with CAN$755m government commitment

    ‘It’s a great day for social finance in Canada’, says MP, as social economy looks forward to hundreds of thousands of dollars of new investment from impact investment wholesaler.

  • Our tainted economy: how can we overcome the ‘original sin’ of business and finance?

    VIDEO: Degrowth, deep change and redesign are key concepts for anyone who wants to see global economies shift towards true sustainability. Three influential thinkers discuss the big challenges we face at the ChangeNOW conference in Paris.

  • Is impact measurement creating a false sense of hope?

    The more that impact measurement is relied on to shape investor decisions, the more worried we should be, says Dr Jess Daggers: the information gathered does not necessarily correspond with reality, and yet few take this risk into account.

  • The Impact Library: exclusive access for our subscribers

    Especially for our subscribers – find out how you can access our huge library of content available in the Pioneers Post Impact Library, including knowledge, insight and good practice from two decades of coverage of social enterprise and impact investment around the world.