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A-Z letters

The Social Entrepreneur's A-Z is the brilliant, witty and searingly honest new book from Liam Black, with a foreword by Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus and illustrations by the artistic genius Spike Gerrell. To request your copy, see below.

I hope you will read this A-Z, enjoy it, learn from it and then act to create step by step the world that we dream of – where not a single person remains poor.    Muhammad Yunus

A is for Anxiety

A is for Anxiety


The compilation of short stories from Liam Black’s successes, but perhaps more importantly his trials and tribulations, provide us with a very honest look into the struggles faced by entrepreneurs worldwide.                  My Business Book Club  

C is for Customers

C is for customers

Starting any enterprise is bloody hard work. In this A-Z you will find stories, top tips, advice, warnings and mea culpas. I want to speak directly to people – young and not so young – who want to make a difference through enterprise.    Liam Black

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