Covid-19: Social impact funding you might miss – 3 June update

The list of Covid-19 emergency funding is growing each day – it's a challenge to navigate and easy to miss out.

So in this regular update, we are searching through to highlight our top pick of emergency grants, loans and other funding sources where deadlines are approaching or which we think you might not have noticed. The list below is divided into international and UK/Ireland funds.

You can find our full list of funds announced here. Send any announcements to us at by Wednesday at midday for inclusion in the next update.

For organisations worldwide


IMDA: COVID-19 and beyond - Innovation for social good (Global)

Deadline: 5 June

Prototype development grants of up to SGD4,500 (£2,500 approx) for organisations with innovative ideas to tackle social challenges post Covid-19. Applicants need to reach the final stage of IMDA’s challenges competition, which has categories for Neighbourhood Communities, Migrant Worker Access, Food Rescue, Supply Chain Resources, and Community Engagement. Results published by the end of June.


Spencer Foundation: Research Grants on Education - COVID-19 Related Special Grant Cycle (Global)

Deadline: 8 June

Grants of up to $50,000 supporting research projects with a duration of 1-3 years, looking into the educational inequality caused by the Covid-19 crisis or reimagining educational opportunities during this time. 


NEA Foundation Rapid Response Fund (USA)

Deadline: 11 June

NEA members are eligible for a grant of $1,500-$5,000 for a six-month period. Applicants must be teachers or education support professionals involved in initiatives to adapt to the unique circumstances of Covid-19, such as emotional needs of educators, reduced learning of students or supporting students' parents/caregivers.


Mosaic: COVID-19 Rapid Response Infrastructure RFP (USA)

Deadline: 12 June / 20 July

Grants of $10,000-$50,000 to nonprofit grassroots organisations, and to networks that support these organisations, focused primarily on environmental protection or environmental justice to fund tools and technology, training, and related resources that are needed as a result of the pandemic.


EOSC Secretariat: COVID-19 Fast Track Funding (Europe)

Deadline: 12 June

The European Open Science Cloud is funding activities that further open science methods and resources and make use of the EOSC communities to address Covid-19 related issues. Successful applicants will get 50% upfront, with the rest of the funding available after accountability. Proposed projects may not extend beyond March 2021.


One Young World Leaders Fund (Global)

Deadline: ongoing

Up to $10,000 for young leaders worldwide (who can apply as individuals or as organistions) whose work focuses on the SDGs, with a clear connection to combatting Covid-19. Young is considered 'approximately' 18-35 years old. Priority given to initiatives that can act quickly, serve the highest number of people and serve vulnerable people.


For UK and Ireland organisations


Independent Age Grants Fund (UK)

Deadline: 4 June, 2 July, 21 August, 18 September

A £2m fund to help smaller organisations across the UK working with older people hardest hit by the virus. Organisations can apply for up to £15,000. There are four rounds but organisations may only apply once. For registered charities with annual income of £1m or less. 


Resourcing Racial Justice fund (UK)

Deadline: 15 June

Funding of £5,000-£50,000 for UK individuals, groups or organisations (inclduding unconstituted ones), of any size, working towards racial justice. Covers both emergency and recovery from Covid-19 or long term structural change. Programmes should address the impact of Covid-19 on individuals who identify as people of colour.


Her Majesty's Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS) Third Sector Fund (UK)

Deadline: Not specified

Organisations with a track record of working with people in the criminal justice system can apply for funds from a £300,000 pot from HMPPS to help meet an immediate requirement, an anticipated gap in provision directly related to Covid-19, or to facilitate change to delivery models. 


Enterprise Ireland - COVID-19 Business Financial Planning Grant (Ireland)

Deadline: Ongoing

Up to €5,000 worth of consulting time available for organisations that would benefit from help to develop a detailed financial and business plan. Enterprise Ireland will directly pay approved third party consultants.



Enterprise Ireland - COVID-19 Sustaining Enterprise Fund (Ireland)

Deadline: Ongoing

A loan fund for companies who have been impacted by a 15% or more drop in actual/projected turnover or profit, and/or have a significant increase in costs as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak. Up to €800,000 in funding (with a separate stream for smaller enterprises of €25,000 to €50,000) is available for eligible organisations. Repayment at the end of year five, subject to a three-year grace period and successful achievement of the project objectives.


More upcoming deadlines you may have missed



Where else to look for emergency funding


You can find our full list of funds announced previously here

For more details of funding available for social enterprises, charities and community groups worldwide, check out the databases compiled by the Charity Excellence Framework; and at, from the Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship at Duke University. 

Send any announcements to us at by Wednesday at midday for inclusion in the next update.


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