Letter to a Young Social Entrepreneur

Action, age and anxiety occupy the mind of veteran social enterpreneur Liam Black in this series of letters to those following in his footsteps.

Taking the plunge with Liam

Taking the plunge – again

"You stupid bastard": Liam quits a successful business to try something new. But, he wonders in his latest epistle to a budding social entrepreneur, has he gone too far this time?

New Year's Resolutions_Liam Black

New year's resolutions for social entrepreneurs

Wondering how you can be a more effective leader of your social venture? In the latest in his occasional series of letters to a young social entrepreneur, Liam Black offers some pointers for your new year's resolutions.

liam black_runner

How social entrepreneurs can survive tough times

In the latest in his occasional series of letters to a young social entrepreneur, Liam Black (whose job title is chief encouragement officer) offers advice to social entrepreneurs on how to get through when times are tough.

cartoon of city social investor

Of angel investors and pinstriped idiots

The UK social investment space is messy and contradictory, with huge opportunities laced with elements of arrogance and naivety. That’s social innovation for you, says Liam Black in his latest missive