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From Twitter addicts to film and podcasts – leading figures from mission-driven business and impact investing share the media that matters most to them. 


My Media: Isabelle Parasram of Social Value UK

"Like the protagonist in this film, my parents experienced poverty, rejection and what felt like insurmountable obstacles when they came to the UK" – Social Value UK boss Isabelle Parasram OBE reveals the films, books and more that inspire her.

New York Times

My Media: Antony Bugg-Levine

Global leader on impact investing Antony Bugg-Levine takes Pioneers Post Quarterly readers through the media that matters to him – from getting a global perspective by checking Twitter to flicking through the New York Times on his daily commute.


My Media: Jay Coen Gilbert

B Hives and books – Co-founder of the non-profit organisation B Lab and one of the pioneers behind the development of B Corporations Jay Coen Gilbert on the media that matters throughout his day.