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Our mission is to help social entrepreneurs do good business, better.

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Team subscription to Pioneers Post

We have a ‘Robin Hood’ policy – asking a little more from larger/more established organisations to support lower rates for social entrepreneurs making their way and the team subs are set up at a range of prices depending upon turnover of the organisation concerned. 

A standard team subscription includes up to 5 people, but we offer the flexibility to add more colleagues if you wish. If so, please contact us via

Once you've completed the subscription process, each team member will automatically receive an email with their login details to access premium content at their own pace.

NB A subscription runs for a year. All subscriptions are plus vat and paid/collected annually. Select auto-renewal for 10% extra discount, (can be cancelled at any time).

You can choose from the following options – all incl. up to 5 people: 

  • Team-sub A: £7.50 p.m./£90 p.a. – turnover below £250k (each add. person is £1.00 p.m.)

  • Team-sub B: £10.00 p.m./£120 p.a. – turnover £250k - £500k (each add. person is £1.50 p.m.)

  • Team-sub C: £15.00 p.m./£180 p.a. – turnover £500k - £1m (each add. person is £2 p.m.)

  • Team-sub D: £20.00 p.m./£240 p.a. – turnover above £1m (each add. person is £3 p.m.)

(NB All subscriptions are plus VAT and paid/collected annually)

Below, please provide us with some brief information, and we’ll get your subscription up and running. 


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