News and Views

  • Community interest company closures up 72% in latest financial year

    New figures from UK's CIC Regulator also show overall number of community interest companies grew at record slow pace in 2021-2022 financial year, following unusual spike during Covid-19 lockdowns.

  • Social impact bonds: what have we learned from a 10-year experiment?

    Too complex and prone to manipulation? Or a brilliant way to tackle thorny social issues? Opinions on social impact bonds remain divided. The UK's Government Outcomes Lab has spent six years studying the evidence...

  • Change or die – financial accounting faces two options

    The financial accounting system we use today is hurtling towards irrelevance, undermined by the very inequality to which it has contributed. It's time to change how profit is calculated – before it's too late.

  • NESsT and partners to deploy ‘power of social entrepreneurship’ for refugees in Poland and Romania

    Ikea Social Entrepreneurship and Cisco Foundation join NESsT Refugee Employment Initiative to help enterprises boost livelihoods for those fleeing from Ukraine and elsewhere.

  • Kindred spirits: the Liverpool collective redesigning social finance

    Locally-rooted and entrepreneur-led, with zero interest and ‘social’ repayment options – Kindred has created a flexible financing solution that’s strengthening dozens of social ventures.  

  • New £368m fund to ‘level up’ England’s youth services opens for applications

    Social enterprises and others can apply for grants of up to £9m as part of the government's new Youth Investment Fund, delivered by Social Investment Business, and set to fund 300 existing or new youth facilities.