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  • Leaving no-one behind in the digital world

    Why the Nominet Trust is helping marginalised young people develop their skills with smartphones, computers and the world wide web.

  • 10 SIBs launched to support children in care and tackle drug dependency

    Ten new social impact bonds (SIBs) have been launched by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) to support children in care and tackle drug dependency.

  • UK risks losing place at vanguard of impact investment movement

    Leading figures from UK impact investment movement urge new initiatives to unlock £300bn and strengthen country's position in post-Brexit era.

Sour Lemons, Sade Brown, Leaders with lived experience, International Women's Day, Gender equality

Why female leadership matters

This International Women’s Day, learn about a project inspiring a new generation of social leaders – people who have actually experienced the problems that they aim to solve.