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  • Resilient, purpose-driven 'zebras' are the future – how can investors help them thrive?

    The age of the unicorn – startups valued at US$1bn or more – is over, some say. Enter the zebra: businesses that pursue purpose and profit, and that show resilience in times of crisis. But to flourish, they'll need a big mindset shift among VCs.

  • Big Issue Invest launches Social Impact Debt Fund to tackle UK poverty with £20m committed

    Applications open for new fund offering loans of between £1m and £4m to social enterprises with track record of profitability in health and social care, affordable housing and ‘social infrastructure’.

  • Fearless Fund lawsuit set to test limits of diversity-focused funding

    Legal action accusing a US venture capital fund of racial discrimination, because it invests in Black women business owners, prompts anger – and raises questions about the future of race-based policies.

  • Impact Investing Newsflow: August 2023 edition

    The global impact deals, reports and initiatives you need to know about this month – all in one place. Featuring Mombak, Social Investment Scotland, ABC Fund, Upaya Social Ventures, ImpactAssets and many more.

  • Financial reports miss out their biggest user – the implications are devastating

    Current guidance on how to prepare a financial report ignores their biggest user – one that's interested in much more than just money. It's causing billions in wasted resources, writes our columnist. 

  • Is your impact better than mine? Impact investors frustrated by inability to compare with peers

    Just 15% of impact investors compare impact results with peers, according to wide-ranging research from GIIN – which calls on individual investors to show “leadership” and “share impact data at scale”.

  • ‘Impact transparency’ is the tipping point for an impact economy – Sir Ronald Cohen

    OPINION: Coca-Cola did $3bn-worth of environmental damage in 2019, and the negative health impact of Danone’s products was nearly $8bn, reveals a new accounting approach. The time is up for self-serving, inaccurate ESG reporting.

  • Impact Investing Newsflow: July 2023 edition

    The global impact deals, reports and initiatives you need to know about this month – all in one place. Featuring Armenia's VIA Fund, the Africa Impact Investing Group, Charity Bank, Leapfrog, BNP Paribas and many more.

  • Deep impact – or just managing risk? Pathways from ESG to investing for system change

    ESG investing helps manage risk but it won't change the wider system. How do we go further? Experts Charly Kleissner and Laurence Laplane-Rigal discuss market-rate myths, France's ‘90/10 funds’ – and embracing NFTs.