Day in the Life: Rob Love

My alarm goes off at 6am but that’s down to my wife Claire who is often keen to get up and out to walk our two dogs; our gun dog Bonnie who is a pointer cross springer and a sausage dog called Eric, named after Eric Cantona as I’m a big Manchester United fan. It’s a bit hectic in our house in the morning as we have three kids so once the alarm goes off there’s no hanging about.

Mornings don’t exist until I’ve had a cup of tea, and to be honest, it’s my wife and kids who have a routine but I tend not to stick to a set plan. I work across the country with our Crowdfunder partners so it’s pretty busy. We live just outside Newquay but I’m often in Devon if I’m working at River Cottage. I love food, and due to my history with River Cottage it’s an important part of my life but there are days when food does not feature on the agenda and sometimes I’ll end up not eating till the evenings as there is so much going on. It’s all sustainable and locally sourced through – I don’t eat bad food.

Crowdfunder has filled a gap in my life. Until it came along I didn’t know what to do with the ideas friends would tell me about – now I tell them to check out Crowdfunder to make their ideas a reality. If the idea really takes off on Crowdfunder, I’ll talk to them some more about it; that’s what crowdfunding is great for – validation of ideas.

We have hundreds of ideas coming in every day and the good ones rise to the top thanks to the crowd – including some incredible social enterprises. Last year eco-business Snact funded over £13k to make a product from leftover fruit waste that supermarkets throw out. This type of project completely fits with our values of doing business in the right way and its doing really well. Every day I’m excited about the idea that you can do some things that might have a little bit of influence on the world and change peoples behaviour.

At River Cottage we’ve worked on changing the world running campaigns like Chicken Out and Fish Fight and now The War on Waste. You wouldn’t call that a job – it’s a great opportunity to do something worthwhile. With all the companies I work for (and this is a phrase that I worked out with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall), we call ourselves ‘more than profit’ organisations. They are commercial entities but they are opportunities beyond just making some money. I’m always over-excited about what we do: it’s how people would describe me. Work/life balance is a funny phrase for me: work is life and vice versa. What you do as a job and your life has got to be the same thing.

If I can, I’ll go for a surf in the day as the Crowdfunder offices are right on the beach. A triple header – going in before, during and after work, makes for a very good day. When I get home I try and help the kids with the homework. Claire cooks in the week but at the weekend I like to spend a bit of time showing off and making a big scene about it. If there’s a football match on when I get home I’ll watch that, no matter who is playing. I’m a good sleeper and won’t go to bed late if I’m home but equally, if there’s a chance of a night out with the Crowdfunder team I’ll be out showing them a few moves on the dance floor. Like I said at the start, there’s no such thing as a routine.

Photo credit: Emily Whitfield-Wicks