What keeps you up at night?

CAN is calling on the leaders of social organisations to talk honestly about what is stressing them out and stopping them from getting a good night's kip. Take the Sweet Dreams Survey today to help shape social enterprise support offerings.

Lavender oil, a mug of hot milk or maybe a hot bath – you’ve tried it all but still struggle to sleep as concerns about cash flow rush through your head. Sound familiar? CAN wants to hear from you via its Sweet Dreams Survey.

CAN is a charitable organisation set up to help charities and social ventures thrive by offering them business support, cash and somewhere affordable to call home. Having recently launched CAN³, a fast-growth accelerator floor for social organisations in its CAN Mezzanine property, the team are keen to find out what are the biggest concerns of social sector organisation leaders.

Andrew Croft, chief executive at CAN told Pioneers Post: "We're asking the leaders of VCSEs, 'what keeps you up at night?'. Running a social organisation isn't easy, so we want to know what's causing you stress, and why. CAN is about supporting charities and social enterprises to create strong, sustainable organisations that maximise their impact, getting an understanding from your perspective is important.

"We’re exploring some of the big issues for charities and social enterprises to see how business support can be better. That's part of the reason we launched a new fast-growth accelerator floor, CAN³. It's a combination of our Invest and Mezzanine expertise that will help social organisations boost their growth and impact in a faster, more sustainable way."

CAN³ aims to provide support in areas such as impact measurement, investment advice, peer to peer learning opportunities, business coaching, as well as providing heavily subsidised desk space. CAN's new survey will help shape it's support offer for social organisations. To have your say and be in with the chance of winning a £50 Amazon voucher, click here.


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