Good Deals

Good Deals is an annual conference bringing together social entrepreneurs, mission-driven businesses and impact investors to learn from one another, create networking opportunities and understanding, and “get good deals done”.

Now running for more than a decade, Good Deals has become known as the leading event in the UK impact investing, social enterprise and mission-driven business calendar, focusing on the needs and shared insights of those seeking investment to grow their mission.

Over the years we’ve hosted more than 3,000 delegates and 500 speakers from more than 40 countries, thanks to partnerships forged with key supporters such as the British Council, NatWest and Social Value International.

Recently we’ve joined forces with social accelerator Hatch to create Good Deals + Beyond Good Business.

For the second year running in 2019 Good Deals + Beyond Good Business conference brings you the leading event in social enterprise and impact investment in the UK.

In 2019, we’ll be planning for the future – 2030 to be precise – exploring how creative solutions can be used for positive change, inching us closer to tackling some of the world’s biggest challenges. We’ll be delving into different practical support that can allow all organisations to progress towards a healthy and sustainable future, while also making sure that we don’t forget about our own well-being and the human behind the social entrepreneur.

To reflect on these topics, to challenge the status quo and to answer your burning questions, we’ve selected over 20 thought-leaders to host keynotes and lead workshops across the day – all entrepreneurs on the front line, investors and sector experts.

Find out more on our joint website: Good Deals + Beyond Good Business

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