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  • Has Johnson forgotten social enterprise? UK remains without civil society minister nine days after reshuffle begins

    DCMS confirms civil society brief remains there, but minister is still TBC. Meanwhile, prime minister Boris Johnson's 'levelling up' project gains political ground as economist Andy Haldane heads levelling-up taskforce and Kruger gets junior role.

  • Cost-benefit of purpose ‘off the charts’, says CBI chief, as Future of the Corporation project concludes

    President of UK business group urges firms to switch to positive purpose as influential Future of the Corporation project calls for overhaul of company director role. But, asked if profit or purpose comes first, business leaders are evenly split.

  • Business education must evolve. A faith-based lens can help relocate its purpose

    The education offered to future business leaders, accountants and financiers is “deeply acultural, secular and exclusive”. Faith-based approaches could guide a new model – one that nourishes trust, respects nature and builds a sustainable economy.

  • Big Society Capital CEO: ‘We want to double UK social investment – but we can't do it alone’

    BSC says it wants to hit £15bn of social investment by 2025. Stephen Muers tells us why that means going beyond “small and fiddly” investments, why dormant assets cash may not be needed – and why recent criticism isn't a reason to change course.

  • When the ice stops singing

    Fisherman turned climate scientist Tero Mustonen set up Snowchange, a co-operative, to help rewild his native Finland. But, as peatlands and lakes slowly recover, a new question emerges: how much should humans continue to intervene with nature?

Accountancy can save the world: the prequel

Intangible assets have become a major consideration for investors, making up 90% of all enterprise value on the S&P 500. Yet our accounting system has failed to adapt, with real implications for sustainability. Our columnist suggests a simple fix.