News and Views

  • CDC to become British Investment International with increased focus on infrastructure and climate

    UK’s development finance institution announces broader remit, big jump in climate investing, and commitment to gender finance. Plus, Google’s Diana Layfield to become first-ever female chair.

  • Opinion: The UK should fall back in love with social impact bonds

    The UK is weary of social impact bonds. But, says Dr Chih Hoong Sin, exciting innovations in other parts of the world should inspire the country of their birth to take a fresh look at what they can achieve.

  • Impact investing enters its difficult ‘third act’

    Impact investors must welcome newcomers by talking about the problems that can be solved – rather than putting them off with too much focus on the financial instruments. We report from EVPA’s Investors for Impact Forum in Porto.

  • Why corporate foundations should bully their parents – then get out of the way

    When companies embrace social purpose, the boundaries with their foundations become blurred. As new research shows their “impact integrity” is at risk, is it time to do away with them altogether?

  • Impact Finance Bulletin: Gfanz growth sees 40% of world’s financial assets committed to net zero target

    PLUS: More COP26 headlines you may have missed; Esmee Fairbairn’s £10m impact investing pot; impact unicorns; blended finance rebound, Marshall Institute's £50m accelerator, a skills impact bond for India, Ecosia's new VC fund, and more.

  • Turn off the tap! The river robots that fight ocean plastic

    Our oceans are drowning in plastic waste. But what if you could stop the stream of rubbish closer to the source? One nonprofit is doing just that, by bringing its unusual invention to the world’s dirtiest rivers. Technology, though, is just the beginning.