News and Views

  • Blue forests are under threat. A quiet revolution could save them

    Mangroves are among the world’s most valuable ecosystems. In Madagascar, Blue Ventures has worked with coastal communities to tend these long-overlooked ‘blue forests’. Will carbon capture be the breakthrough that halts their decline?

  • SOCAP 2021: ‘Something’s wrong’ with impact investing, warns Cathy Clark

    Pioneering researcher argues need for higher expectations of impact investing, as global problems are worsening despite growing investment, while TIIP’s Monique Aiken bets on innovation and says we shouldn’t do things like it’s 2019.

  • Key Fund at 21: 'It's soul that drives us a social investor'

    How does a social investment intermediary outlive shifting political winds, a global financial crisis, and much more? Matt Smith, CEO of Sheffield-based Key Fund, reflects on two decades of taking risks and staying true to the mission.

  • UK social investment market jumps by a quarter to record £6.4bn

    Latest Big Society Capital research reveals £6.4bn was invested in social sector organisations by the end of 2020, as investments in social property funds boom and Covid-19 support schemes drive momentum.

  • UK State of Social Enterprise Survey reveals mental health is mission no. 1

    Social Enterprise UK's 2021 State of Social Enterprise Survey  finds that UK organisations are shifting priorities towards mental health, that exporting has become more frequent – and that 61% of enterprises expect their workforce to grow next year.