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  • EU to create a ‘level playing field’ for social economy entities, commissioner says

    A European status would enable social enterprises to gain recognition across member states and take advantage of single market, according to Nicolas Schmit – while fellow EU official Thierry Breton says social economy crucial to future of bloc.

  • Ex-Danone chief Emmanuel Faber appointed to lead new IFRS global sustainability standards body

    Faber, a long-standing supporter of purposeful business, looks forward to ‘once-in-a-generation’ opportunity to drive major shifts in the information that investors receive. 

  • GDP isn’t the problem – it’s financial accounting

    GDP up, good; GDP down, bad? Not so simple, especially when assessing citizens’ wellbeing. Many alternative measures aim to fill that gap, but none can entirely replace GDP, writes our columnist – and in any case, the real issue lies deeper...

  • Muhammad Yunus: the ‘superhuman’ generation and social businesses can save us from extinction

    The Nobel laureate sees a bleak future ahead, unless we act fast to reset our failed economic system. Enter the young people endowed with superpowers – and the social businesses designed to solve problems.


  • G7 Impact Taskforce makes ‘urgent’ call for mandatory impact accounting across business and finance

    Influential global group warns ambitious climate and social targets will not be met without much more private capital, and sets out “actionable” recommendations to get there, in what chair Nick Hurd describes as a “radical” and ambitious report.

  • Three ways to buy social this Christmas – and 10 gifts we love

    Want to support a social business this year, while also cutting down on waste or helping to green the planet? Here are three ways to start, plus 10 gift ideas from around the world. 

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Impact investing at work, giving up at home?

At work, Francesca Spoerry was helping major organisations rethink where they put their capital. Then she realised she wasn’t applying the same principles to her own personal investments. But, she soon discovered, she wasn't alone...