News and Views

  • Big Society Capital rebrands as Better Society Capital

    Big Society Capital says rebrand as Better Society Capital will create future opportunities and enable it to more easily approach potential new partners who don’t have prior knowledge of its history.

  • ‘Make the distinction between law and justice’ to avoid environmental destruction – lawyers urged at GAIL summit

    Indy Johar challenges GAIL summit delegates to aim for radical environmental justice, while other speakers discuss how lawyers hold businesses accountable and whether EU sustainability laws could have a negative impact on the Global South.

  • Tree-huggers, board advisers, contract shapers: The lawyers leading the way for nature

    Lawyers are shaking off the profession’s dusty old image: bringing ‘Mother Nature’ into company boardrooms, defending the rights of trees, and future-proofing contracts. But how is this new generation balancing professionalism and progress?

The Impact World this Week: 9 May 2024

The most interesting news snippets from around the world. This week: blended finance deals rebound after 10-year low, why philanthropy must adopt futures thinking, and a frothy campaign from social enterprise Hubbub.