GIIN partners with Paypal and Visa to boost corporate impact investing

Global Impact Investing Network’s corporate impact investing initiative aims to ‘redefine business as usual’ when it comes to corporate investing and asset management.

The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) has partnered with PayPal, Visa Foundation and the TELUS Pollinator Fund for Good to get more companies involved in impact investing around the world. 

The GIIN’s corporate impact investing initiative will help companies keen to meet environmental and social goals to use their financial assets to invest in impact. The “multi-year effort” will include working groups and research intended to inform and develop corporate impact investing. In particular, the initiative will produce “a landscape report on the use of impact investing vehicles and partnerships as a means to pursue corporate environmental and social objectives”.

Amit Bouri (pictured, top), CEO & co-founder at the GIIN, said the initiative ​​was “dedicated to re-defining ‘business as usual’ when it comes to corporate investing and asset management.”

This initiative is an important lever to help unlock much-needed capital and technical skills that are currently sitting on the sidelines

He continued: “This initiative is an important lever to help unlock much-needed capital and technical skills that are currently sitting on the sidelines.

“Corporations are critical to scaling the most promising solutions for the pressing challenges in our local communities and around the world. By working with impact investors, companies can discover new possibilities to help build a sustainable, just and inclusive future.”

In 2021, Moody’s reported that US non-financial companies were sitting on more than $2tn in cash holdings, and corporations had “enormous potential to leverage impact investments and partnerships toward addressing urgent environmental and social needs”, according to the GIIN.

Some companies such as PayPal have been using money available from their own treasuries to invest in impact for some years, and a report published last year identified big business as a major investor in left-behind communities in the UK. 

gabrielle Rabinovitch portrait“Leveraging corporate treasury for impact investing is a strategic way for corporations to align shareholder and community interests,” said Gabrielle Rabinovitch (pictured), senior vice president, capital markets, investor relations and treasurer at PayPal. 

Over the last two years, PayPal has allocated a total of $500m towards impact investing – $400m towards closing the racial gap in the US and $100m towards gender equality around the world, she added. “We’re thrilled to partner with the GIIN on this initiative and exchange learnings at a time when society is facing complex challenges that need innovative solutions and sustainable funding.”.

In Europe, the European Venture Philanthropy Association’s existing corporate initiative connects around 80 corporate social investors to support them to find the best way of leveraging corporate resources through research and resource sharing.

  • The GIIN Investor Forum 2022 will take place in the Hague on 12-13 October 2022. Look out for coverage on Pioneers Post.


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