News and Views

  • Accounting is the blind spot of economics – we ignore it at our peril

    Economic theory depends on accounting – yet it ignores the role of accounting in distributing value. Why does that matter? Because it limits the potential contribution of economics in resolving today's social and environmental crises.

  • UK budget 2023: Three key changes for social ventures and their investors

    A windfall for some, a blow for others – three key announcements from this week’s budget that will affect social enterprises and charities and those investing in them. 


  • Incofin’s new drinking water impact fund aims to prove sector is investment-ready

    Danone, Aqua for All and BNP Paribas are among investors who have committed €36m to Water Access Acceleration Fund, to provide funds to entrepreneurs providing safe drinking water to 30m people in Asia and Africa. 

  • Doug Miller: Visionary, godfather of venture philanthropy, ‘pain in the ass’

    He’s spent two decades building the infrastructure for venture philanthropy. As he retires at last, Doug Miller reveals what triggered his passion, why “skin in the game” matters – and why today's “1920s model” of funding needs to ramp up fast.

  • Opinion: Our ‘honesty report’ helps us to become a better consulting firm

    While impact emphasises the facts, honesty speaks more about attitude, says Stone Soup Consulting's Sophie Robin – and while an ‘honesty report’ doesn't answer all the questions, it pushes the company to reflect and seek continual improvement.

  • 'Game changer': Community wealth funds to direct new dormant assets money to deprived neighbourhoods in England

    UK government announces that community wealth funds will be recipients of expanded dormant assets scheme alongside social investment, youth and financial inclusion, following consultation.