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  • Muhammad Yunus: ‘Education gives us a passenger mentality – but we are the pilots of this planet’

    Yunus the entrepreneur turned the banking system in Bangladesh on its head and made microfinance a global phenomenon. But Yunus the teacher has still got work to do. At 84 – and facing a possible prison sentence – there's no time to waste. 

  • SE100 2024: Top 100 UK social enterprises revealed

    The breadth and depth of social enterprise activity across the UK is being celebrated today with the launch of this year’s NatWest SE100 – the list of the UK’s top 100 social businesses.

  • Opinion: We need more LGBTQ+ social enterprises – here’s why

    A social enterprise model is the best way for LGBTQ+ activists to combat hate, and create a more resilient, united movement, says Sebastian Rocca, the founder of Micro Rainbow.

  • Can social entrepreneurs help pave the way to peace in Yemen?

    In Yemen, transformative enterprises can help communities overcome conflict and poverty. But with the state in disarray, crumbling infrastructure and hesitant funders, are the challenges facing aspiring social entrepreneurs insurmountable? 

Keir Starmer and Emmanuel Macron at NATO summit

The Editor's Post: A tale of two elections

Both France and the UK have a well-established impact community. While it can easily adapt to political change, it is harder to adapt to political chaos – but the social sector can play a key part to tackle the issues at its roots.