The A-Z Podcasts #7: Stop talking, start doing

I is for Innovation – possibly one of the most overused terms in the world of social entrepreneurship. Liam Black meets with Asi Sharabi, the founder of to discuss taking ideas to market.


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About this podcast

The term innovation is thrown around all the time – but what does it really mean? To accompany the chapter of his book titled I is for Innovation, Liam Black and Asi Sharabi talk about this “much overused and abused term”.

Sharabi is one of four friends who founded – a Hackney-based tech company that has developed a unique children’s book. Through a complex coding system, produces personalised books based around a character who goes on a journey in order to discover what his or her name is. The name discovered at the end of the book is that of the child reader. To find out more about the book, watch here.

In 2014 the venture received its first £100,000 investment from Piers Linney on the television programme Dragons Den. Recently, having sold more than 600,000 copies of the book, has also received investment from Google Ventures. The tech start up is Google Venture’s third investment as part of a $125m investment commitment in the UK and Europe.

Lost my name bookPhoto credit: Andrew Travers


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