Videos & Podcasts

  • Good Leaders Podcast Episode 2 – Susan Aktemel: 'I try super-hard to follow my gut instinct'

    What makes a good leader? At Pioneers Post, we’re interested in a specific kind of leader: those who are both trying to make a difference and doing business differently. This month: award-winning founder, Susan Aktemel.

  • Good leaders Podcast Episode 1: Cemal Ezel - 'I'm a good leader, not a good manager'

    In this new podcast, Tim West sits down with the best and brightest of social enterprise, impact investing and mission-driven business for a series of candid conversations – expect to be surprised. First up: coffee entrepreneur Cemal Ezel.

  • What does it take to be a fit social business?

    VIDEO & PODCAST: In episode 2 of our Fit for the Future video & podcast series, craft beer social entrepreneur Louisa Ziane shares her recipe for turning money (and surplus bread) into mission, with Buzzacott's Eddie Finch and Pioneers Post's Tim West.

  • The four Ms of good social business management

    VIDEO & PODCAST: In this first episode of our series on running a fit social business, Pioneers Post host Tim West quizzes social entrepreneur Louisa Ziane of Toast Ale and expert Eddie Finch from Buzzacott accountants on four key 'Ms' to get right.

  • Diversity can be a social change superpower: olive oil entrepreneur Atif Choudhury

    Diversity of thought “deeply changes the world”, says the social entrepreneur and SE100 keynote speaker. But we will miss out on innovations if we don't make it our business to listen out for those with different life experiences.