WISE100 2018 | The future is bright. The future is WISE.

Film: The future is WISE

If you’re a woman (or know one) making a tangible difference in social enterprise, impact investment and mission-driven business, nominate for WISE100 2019 now!

Powerful role models are influencing the next generation to follow in their footsteps.

In the spirit of 'sharing the stage', the theme for this year's WISE100 event, this film explores the importance of being a strong female role model. 

Screened at the WISE100 2018 event, hosted by Pioneers Post in partnership with NatWest, hundreds of social entrepreneurs and impactful business creators from across the UK gathered at London’s Coutts on the Strand to find out who had made the list, highlighting 100 of the UK's leading women in social enterprise and impact investment.

To celebrate the fact that social enteprise has more women in leadership roles than other business spaces, this film gives the stage to the next generation of women leaders to tell us about what drives them, and what they have learnt from the role models in their lives. 

"I think my mum's like... I don't know... a superhuman"

The stars of our film say their role models are "hardworking", and "grab the bull by the horns". Daughter of Abbie Rumbold, partner at Bates Wells Braithewaite's charity and social enterprise department,  Fredi, even says: 

"I think my mum's like... I don't know... maybe like a superhuman."

Find the full WISE100 list here, and more WISE content at our NatWest WISE100: Leading Women in Social Enterprise collection.

Film created by Pioneers Post, in partnership with the Fable Bureau.