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Collection: Measuring value
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Stop now and get your measurement sh*t together

Is the private sector putting social enterprises to shame on social value accounting? Think it’s enough to have a social purpose without checking if you’ve made a difference? Try telling that to anyone who didn’t get a job at the end of your employability project, says Jeremy Nicholls.


It’s a local shop – for local people

The Social Value Act provides a real opportunity to increase the value being created for communities by public commissioning. All good, but one of the biggest risks is aligning local with social, says our regular columnist Jeremy Nicholls.


Impact, impact, impact

The impact concept has moved from the discussion of benefits, returns and value creation, to 'How much impact?', 'What is your impact?'. We now have 'impact investors' and 'inspiring Impact' and lovely new words like 'impactful'. Jeremy Nicholls senses violence...


How to fight inequality

Inequality is rising in the UK, says Pioneers Post columnist Jeremy Nicholls. Investment with a social mission could help to combat this, but we need a convincing way to report the impact it makes