Issue #10: Is Blockchain the new Force for Good in the Social Impact Galaxy?

Pioneers Post Issue 10

The digital version of the tenth edition of our print magazine, Pioneers Post Quarterly, can be found below. 

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  • Cover feature: Is Blockchain the new Force for Good in the Social Impact Galaxy?
  • Global focus: Greece, the birthplace of Western civilisation where new social and solidarity cultures are being built.
  • NEW: Chain Reaction – a new interview series with two leaders from opposite ends of the world discovering shared challenges.
  • PLUS: another brand new feature, The Guv'nor, with Bob Thust, who says it's time to tear up the governance rule book. 

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Blockchain technology

New kid on the block(chain)

Decreasing trust levels, lack of transparency, costly financial models – could blockchain provide the answers to some of the biggest challenges faced in the social impact sector right now? Or are we letting the hype cloud the reality?