Global Perspectives on Social Enterprise

In partnership with the British Council, we explore social enterprise across the world, take a look at the opportunities and challenges in policy and practice – and shine a light on some of the leading examples of social innovation.

Saaf Suthra Sheher recycling bins Pakistan

Can social enterprise fix Pakistan’s waste problem?

Rubbish piles up at the side of streets and clogs drains in Pakistan’s big cities. The government isn’t doing much about it, but is the scale of the problem too big for social enterprise to tackle? Our Young Storymaker Asad Pabani expores.

Washup Pakistan enterprise startup

Supporting start-ups to scale up in Pakistan

A collaboration between enterprise support organisations in the UK and Pakistan is developing new ways to support ambitious Pakistani start-ups to take their next steps. Our Young Storymaker, Hamna Iqbal, reports.