Social enterprise Malaysia Langit Collective

Malaysia: profit proves problematic

The latest research into social enterprise in Malaysia describes some familiar pros and cons for social entrepreneurs. A lack of awareness about social enterprise means making money and doing good makes for uncomfortable conversations.

Porto Digital Brazil

Rebalancing Recife

Recife, Brazil’s very own Silicon Valley, is a regeneration success story, but it is mainly white, middle class people who are benefitting from its transformation from ghost town to tech hub. 

Alianca Empreendedora

Boosting Brazil’s micro-entrepreneurs

Brazil's new president aims to turn around the country's fortunes. But Jair Bolsonaro might do well to listen to a young social entrepreneur who has already spent 15 years helping Brazil's poorest people set up their own small businesses.

Global focus: Pakistan

Pakistan faces many challenges, but while some see its enormous population of young people as a problem, others believe that the youth generation offers the country its best hope of a brighter future.

Fresh thinking for our testing times

The creative industries represent a huge – and fast-growing – sector of the global market. But creative businesses are also building practical solutions to social problems and giving a voice to the marginalised.