Digital Toolbox: marketing. Get yourself a social media strategy

In the previous instalment in our Digital Toolbox series, we looked at easy ways to create a website. Now we'll take a look at another essential part of your marketing – how to manage your social venture's social media.

Probably the most topical theme concerning digital, social media seems to have extended its rule in all parts of our personal and professional lives.

The key with social media is to strive for effectiveness. Tools and dedicated platforms will definitely help but first and foremost, to make the best of a social media strategy, we strongly suggest you take a look at Technology Trust’s 14 simple steps to make sure you actually have a social media strategy.

In order to optimize the time and resources you spend on running social media campaigns you should look into leveraging the following platforms:

Buffer helps you connect and streamline your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ accounts. You can create and schedule a day, week or month’s worth of tweets, posts and updates, and finally track the performance of your social media campaigns and gain valuable insights on how to improve it. It offers a compelling freemium model.

Hootsuite is a time-saving platform that anyone frequently posting on social media should be using. A user-friendly dashboard allows you to co-ordinate your social networks, monitor accounts directly from one place, as well as being able to schedule posts across numerous channels. 

Mentionmapp helps you to find inspiration on who you should be engaging with and what topics you should be discussing on Twitter. This tool graphically represents connections between people, places, events and conversations that matter to your social enterprise. It’s simple, insightful and free.

Google Trends shows the trend of search volume for various keywords or topics on Google or YouTube. You can use this tool to generate ideas for your content strategy, come up with new products or services for consumers, or find out which keywords shoppers are using so you can include them in your marketing collaterals.

Social Mention monitors over one hundred social media sites. It is probably one of the best free listening tools on the market, as it analyses data in depth and measures influence with four categories: Strength, Sentiment, Passion, and Reach. It also displays top keywords, hashtags, and sites.

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