Digital Toolbox: marketing. Know your customers with analytics

In the fourth instalment in our Digital Toolbox series, our authors tell you how to ensure your stakeholders find you on the web.

One of the biggest challenges for organisations running websites and investing in digital is that they don’t know where to begin when it comes to tracking and evaluation of success.

When confronted with statistics, people find themselves looking at an imposing mountain of data and don’t know how to begin climbing.

Think of Google Analytics then, like a very handy, customizable walking stick on your journey through digital optimisation. It is by far the most comprehensive free platform to understand how your business is performing online.

It details how much traffic you’re getting over a specific period of time, where visitors come from and which pages are viewed the most. It is a must use for anyone with a website.

Key metrics to track are:

1.    Website traffic: new visitors vs. return visitors, top pages, mobile vs. desktop
2.    Traffic sources: see how people are coming to you through search engines (see if your SEO efforts are paying off) or through social media 
3.    Bounce rate: visitors leaving your website after visiting one page. This lets you know how sticky your content is – whether people are engaged in what you're presenting them with
4.    Conversion rate: set goals and see what helps to increase goal conversions
5.    Average time on site: if you look at your exit pages to see where you are losing your visitors, you can change things to see if you can keep them

Cloudfare is a good alternative to Google Analytics which offers a free basic plan and affordable enterprise level solutions. It’s worth mentioning that Cloudflare is a web protection and performance company so offers different security and reliability support services with any of its solutions. 

In the next instalment of Digital Toolbox, we'll be moving away from marketing and into sales. After all, income is the lifeblood of your business.

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Photo credit: Carlos Muza/Unsplash