Digital Toolbox: sales. Hack your inbox to maximise productivity

In the previous instalment in our Digital Toolbox series, we looked at Search Engine Optimisation. Now, we look at ways you can cut down your workload by automating your emails.

We spend our days writing, sending, reading and sorting emails and all the information within them. Don’t underestimate the added benefits of automating these recurring tasks. Start making the most out of your email communication by trying the tools below.

Mailchimp is widely regarded as the most popular email marketing software as it has a generous free plan. It’s easy for users to create professional-looking newsletters with pre-defined templates, depending on the objectives of your campaign. You can also easily build sign-up forms to embed on your site. The free plan includes capacity to store up to 2,000 subscribers and delivers a maximum of 12,000 emails per month.

TT-mail is a world-class email marketing platform with personal support service from charity-email specialist offering very attractive prices specifically for charitable organisations. While Mailchimp might be your go to free option, this might be worth considering once you get to a fee based service.

Rapportive shows just about everything connected with the contacts in your Gmail inbox. It is a free blogging tool that helps you get a peep into who is behind the email address, so you can reply more personally. It also allows you connect with Social Media profiles of these emailers.

Boomerang is an effective plugin for Gmail that allows you to create and monitor your email campaigns with ease, sets follow-up reminders, integrates with your social media accounts and comes with a variety of reports and support options.

Photo Credit: Pixabay