Future gazing & future shaping: Headlines of the future

In this session, delegates discussed their biggest hopes and fears for social investment – in the form of potential headlines in Pioneers Post. Working in groups, they used collage to create a series of imaginary headlines, and then voted on their favourites.

What are the headlines we'd most like to see in five years' time?

Most popular:

"Social investment solves rough sleeping crisis says PM”


“SITR to solve homelessness”

“App uses blockchain to disrupt impact investment”

“Pension funds divest from fossil fuels to social investment”

“Billions for social investment raised from leading women investors”

“Ethical investment funding overtakes mainstream funds”

“Meg dazzles in Dior, divests from oil and invests in Charity Bank”

“What are you waiting for? Invest social, it really matters”

“The mainstream future is good social business”

“FTSE carbon footprint up 5.259 points”

“Pioneers Post 100 Impact List”

“UK poverty defeated”


What are the headlines we’d be most fearful of seeing?

Most popular:

“Fury grows over major charity collapse following social investment debacle”


“Social impact heroes let whole country down”

“Social investment ponzi threatens global impact investments”

“Community shares caused collapse of City”

“Fears as social property fund supports human slavery, finds national enquiry”

“Up in smoke: Terrorists target impact investors at The Gathering”

“Big Society Capital days are numbered”

“Retail investors done up like Kepa”