The Gathering

What are the big questions facing the UK social investment sector? Find out in our special report from The Gathering 2019, where leading social investors met to debate what's working and explore collaborative solutions.

Future gazing & future shaping: Headlines of the future

In this session, delegates discussed their biggest hopes and fears for social investment – in the form of potential headlines in Pioneers Post. Working in groups, they used collage to create a series of imaginary headlines, and then voted on their favourites.

Future gazing & future shaping: Impact in the city

There has been much talk about ‘place-based investment’ – what is happening on the ground? With Bristol as the central case study, this session explored how a collaborative approach to investment in places can promote systemic change, and the conditions needed to make this happen.

Future gazing & future shaping: Awakening the sleeping giants

Four housing association ‘giants’ have launched a new social investment fund that will provide support for enterprises that create positive social impact within their communities. But other housing associations have not been so proactive. Are housing associations really sleeping or just not well understood?

Building the market: The rules of the road for impact investing

2019 is the year when the rules of the road for impact finance are set out on a global scale – the International Finance Corporation (IFC) has proposed “principles”, the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) has “characteristics”. From the point of view of UK social investment, what would we want to see in the rules of the road? What are the principles that give impact real integrity and the opportunity to achieve for both our mission and our sustainability and growth?

Building the market: Preaching to the unconverted: Moving beyond the guardian reader

How do we improve public messaging on social investment? To become mainstream, maybe we also need to speak to those who will only invest because there will be serious consequences for their own self-interest if they don’t. Evita Zanuso of Big Society Capital chaired this ‘Conversation for Change’ – a more informal discussion – at the Gathering with Amir Rizwan of Comic Relief and Rod Schwartz of ClearlySo