Covid-19: Social impact funding you might miss – 2 July update

The list of Covid-19 emergency funding is growing each day – it's a challenge to navigate and easy to miss out.

So in this regular update, we are searching through to highlight our top pick of emergency grants, loans and other funding sources where deadlines are approaching or which we think you might not have noticed. The list below is divided into international and UK funds.

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For organisations worldwide Inclusive Growth and Recovery Challenge (Global)

Deadline: 17 July

A $10m fund to support 'breakthrough ideas that harness the power of data science' to help people and communities thrive, especially in the wake of Covid-19’s economic impact. Open to any individual, organisation (for- and non-profit, government body, etc.), or collaboration from anywhere in the worldup to 10 winners will get $10,000-$10m in a mix of grant funding and other support.


Canadian Red Cross: Covid-19 Emergency Support for Community Organisations (Canada)

Deadline: 31 July

Grants for community organisations to help them continue to offer vital services to those vulnerable to health, social and economic impacts of Covid-19. Preference given to organisations with annual revenues of $1.5m or less. There's also online training on preventing disease transmission. 


Equality Can’t Wait Challenge (US)

Deadline: 1 September

A $30m fund – from Pivotal Ventures, Melinda Gates’ investment firm, with support from MacKenzie Bezos – to empower women facing structural inequities worsened by Covid-19. Proposals should aim to increase women’s power and influence in the US in the areas of wages and wealth, unpaid care, share of leadership roles, content creation, or public perception.


Maanch - Coronavirus Response Fund (Global)

Deadline: Ongoing

A multipurpose fund that will support a number of areas likely to be impacted by Covid-19. Maanch attracts funds from foundations, corporations and philanthropists and passes them on to organisations that need the money most through a matching, mapping and vetting process. 


Diageo - Raising the Bar fund (Global - selected cities)

Deadline: Not stated

A $100m fund to help bars and pubs in selected major cities to recover following the lockdown (with a digital training/support programme available to bars located anywhere).  The fund will pay for physical equipment needed to re-open. Applicants must demonstrate at least one way in which they are already or plan to “raise the bar” in their community eg by promoting inclusion and diversity or creating jobs in disadvantaged communities.



For UK organisations

Wales and West utilities - The Safe and Warm Fund (Wales)

Deadline: 6 July

Funding of £500-£5,000 available for community and parish councils, not for profit co-operatives or community interest companies, charities and community groups for safeguarding, providing energy advice, protective garments and equipment, and other logistics to help the vulnerable stay safe and warm. Successful applicants will receive funding by end July.


Covid-19 Equine Rescues Emergency Fund (UK)

Deadline: 24 July / 16 October

Grants of up to £5,000 available for organisations involved in rescuing or rehoming equines and who have faced severe hardship during Covid-19. If demand for funds exceeds £130,000, funds will be prioritised for National Equine Welfare Council members and other smaller organisations that have not yet received emergency aid.


Youth Futures Foundation - Resilience Grants (England)

Deadline: 31 July

Funding for national infrastructure bodies that strengthen the youth and/or employment sector across England, and for national or regional infrastructure bodies that strengthen the youth and/or employment sector specifically for young people from BAME backgrounds. Funding is unrestricted but capped at 30% of the organisation's annual income. Applicants informed by end of September.



Coalfields Covid-19 Recovery & Resilience Fund (England)

Deadline: 11 September (eligibility survey closes 28 August)

Grants of up to £10,000 for organisations (including CICs, companies limited by guarantee, etc.) supporting coalfield communities. There are detailed criteria on how the funding can be used (up to 50% of capital costs and up to 100% of core costs) and guidance on high priority/eligible wards in the UK.


Quartet Community Foundation - Coronavirus recovery and stabilisation fund (south-west England)

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to £10,000 available for local charitable organisations that are building resilience in deprived communities, intervening early and doing preventative work, and supporting people in crisis. Grants can be used for core costs and project costs for activities that will help the organisation stabilise or recover from lockdown restrictions. 


More upcoming deadlines you may have missed



Where else to look for emergency funding

You can find our full list of funds announced previously here

For more details of funding available for social enterprises, charities and community groups worldwide, check out the databases compiled by the Charity Excellence Framework; and at, from the Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship at Duke University. 

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