How to lead with purpose

BOOK SERIALISATION: Liam Black takes us through his experiences as a social entrepreneur and mentor in our serialisation of his new book, How to lead with purpose: Lessons in life and work from the gloves-off mentor.

Why every business needs a maniac and a minder

PART 10: As a social entrepreneur, you need to be a bit of a maniac to think your unreasonable ideas will succeed. Just as vital, though, is an “inner minder”, who can tend to the boring but vital stuff – and tell the maniac to slow down sometimes.

When purposeful leadership meets performative male ego

PART 8: How do you handle a workplace drenched in sexism? Liam Black – who is himself still “unlearning the misogyny” that shaped his formative years – shares strategies taken by some of his female mentees. Plus: why men need to step up.

How to lead amid bullsh*t and bullying

PART 7: If you're a purpose-driven leader, you're likely to face resistance from people with a very different agenda to yours. From bullying bosses to game-playing business partners: how do you avoid getting drawn into the drama?

On courage, self-belief and taking the plunge

PART 4: If you want to change the world through your business, at some point you'll need the courage to jump into the unknown – even when there are “bloody good reasons not to do so”. Imposter syndrome should not be one of those reasons.