The Accidental Social Entrepreneur

Helen Trevaskis stumbles from the world of corporate consultancy into a social entrepreneur’s life and gets to grips with a whirlwind of new ideas. Warning: content contains explicit honesty.

Change for the better

Helen Trevaskis, co-founder of social start-up 3C Collective, reflects on what she’s learned about behaviour change as their long awaited pilot in India threatens to finally begin.

Busy for busy's sake?

With the notion of ‘busyness’ being something both prized and recognised in our society, how do you cope during moments of relative calm when starting up a social venture? Helen Trevaskis reflects.

Italian Vespa scooter

Strategy and serendipity

As a start-up it is important to remain focussed on your ultimate goal, the destination. But, it is also essential to "develop uncanny peripheral vision" so as not to miss unexpected opportunities says Accidental Entrepreneur Helen Trevaskis.