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  • President's daughter brings positive disruption to health system

    Step forward six winners of the 2018 Skoll Awards for Social Entrepreneurship who share $7.5m to take their initiatives to the next level.

  • Scary statistics at this year’s Skoll: what can we actually do?

    There were some hard-hitting facts about the state of the world at this year’s Skoll World Forum. But can we do anything about it?

  • The Hague: the place to be for social entrepreneurs?

    Conversations on the first day of the Euclid Summit 2018 highlighted the enthusiasm that the Netherlands city of “peace and justice” has for fostering social enterprise.

Collection: GSG Honors
Narayana Health 2

This is your future on impact

Meg Massey, from the Global Steering Group for Impact Investment, reflects on this year's Honors winners – the "leaders rewiring the global economy to benefit people and the planet". 



By Dan Corry, Chief Executive, New Philanthropy Capital

The Future of Civil Society

What has civil society got to do with Brexit? Dan Corry explains why charities must start stepping out of their comfort zones.

Jessica Brown, Connect Fund, female empowerment, female finance, social inclusion

Let’s stop fetishising social investment

Social investment is one tool, not the machine, says Jessica Brown. She reflects on the issues brought up at a plenary session that she chaired at our Good Deals and Beyond Good Business conference earlier this year.