Matchmaking social investor index is launched in the UK

Social enterprises seeking investment can now begin the search for their ideal funding partner with the new SE100 Investor Index, launched at the Good Deals social investment conference.

The UK’s first index of social investors lists not only the range and type of investments offered, but it reveals the quality of their transparency and impact measurement by giving them a score plus the opportunity to explain their approach on the SE100 website.

Tim West, founder of the SE100 Index, said: “The Investor Index is basically an online dating directory for social ventures and investors who want to find their perfect partner.”

He added: "But unlike the information you might find in a lonely hearts column, the Investor Index gives a true picture of just who you could be hooking up with. Investors – just like the social ventures on the main SE100 Index – are scored on impact and transparency and asked to be honest and upfront about their investment approach."

In addition to acting as a matchmaker to ultimately get more social investment deals done, the Investor Index also aims to drive up the quality of transparency and impact measurement among those who hold the social investment purse-strings.

Jeremy Nicholls, co-founder of the Investor Index and CEO of impact measurement specialists Social Value International, said: “Mainstream financial investors are always required to report performance as part of their accountability. Ratings and performance influence the flow of finance to those investors generating higher returns. In the same way, I believe that social investors should report on their own social impact performance as part of their accountability.”

He continued: “Over time finance should flow to those investors who are able to create the most social value. Investors and their boards who welcome an environment where they can show the value they are creating and therefore draw in more finance, should be confident that the Investor Index will be a valuable tool for them to showcase their success.”

The Investor Index is currently in a pilot phase, debuting with 13 investors.


Header image: Ian Cowie of RBS, the sponsors of the SE100 Index

Photo credit: Nik Voigt, Matter&Co