Meghan and Harry charm social entrepreneurs on Morocco visit

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex met Moroccan social entrepreneurs during a visit to Rabat earlier this year.

The royal couple visited the Andalusian Gardens on 25 February, the final day of a royal tour of Morocco. After meeting local artisans, they took a walk around a courtyard exhibition of seven social enterprises which have been supported by the British Council and the UK Embassy in Morocco.

Jnan Nemla with Duke and Duchess of Sussex in Morocco

Royal couple Harry and Meghan visit the exhibition stand of co-operative Jnan Nemla


John Mitchell, director of the British Council in Morocco, said: “We were delighted to showcase Moroccan social entrepreneurs during the recent visit of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.”

He added: “Their royal highnesses were tremendously engaged and spent considerably longer with the entrepreneurs than had been planned. Of particular interest were those dealing with ‘green’ issues and they were clearly very taken with the expertise and commitment of those present.”

Marginol Labs Morocco social enterprise

Exhibitors included Marginol Labs (right) which recycles the waste products from the manufacture of olive oil into skin care products, providing extra income to olive farmers. The organic food co-operative Jnan Nemla (below) enables rural people to generate an income from their own land. And Nobox Lab (below, pictured with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex) provides educational workshops for children.

The other exhibitors were AnouSeaskinEko-Geste and Zelij Invent.

Jnan Nemla Morocco social enterprise

Morocco social enterprise No Box Lab Duke and Duchess of Sussex

Duke and Duchess Morocco visit

Header photo: The Duke and Duchess meet a Morocco artisan before they tour the social enterprises at the Andalusian Gardens

Photo above: Twitter 

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