SE100 2020 Impact Management Champion: Skills Builder Partnership

The Impact Management Champion celebrates enterprises that take considerable measures to demonstrate and communicate the social or environmental impact of their business, using this to improve their performance and win new business. This year's award is shared by two winners.

A key reason to measure impact is to then use that knowledge to adapt your activities. The Skills Builder Partnership does exactly this and is the reason why it is a joint winner of our SE100 Impact Management Champion award. The SE100 judges praised the enterprise’s strong stakeholder engagement and particularly highlighted how it used the data – both positive and negative – to improve service delivery as well as win new business.

The Skills Builder Partnership is a group of more than 750 organisations which work together to ensure that children and young people develop essential employability skills such as teamwork and leadership. With educators, employers, students and other stakeholders involved in the programme, the organisation takes a collaborative approach to ensure that all participants are consulted and included in social impact measurement. During 2019, the progress of nearly 6,000 students was tracked against the organisation’s Skills Builder Framework alongside a sample group who hadn’t taken part.

As schools are closed right now, the Skills Builder Partnership is switching its delivery to online. Founder and CEO Tom Ravenscroft tells Pioneers Post he is impressed at how the team, funders and partners have moved so quickly to change the way that they all work.

More necessary than ever

At a time when students are missing out on school routines and opportunities such as work experience and internships, the work that his organisation offers is more necessary than ever. However, the ongoing uncertainty about how the next academic year is going to pan out means that planning very far into the future is challenging.

“We don’t expect that everything will go back to normal again any time soon,” he says. “We are trying to think about how to scale our work and our impact in different ways.”


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